Barça eSports Valorant Coach Lucas Rojo Exposes 3-Month Unpaid Salaries

Barça eSports Valorant Coach Lucas Rojo Exposes 3-Month Unpaid Salaries

4. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Lucas Rojo, the head coach of FC Barcelona’s Valorant team, has come forward to shed light on his situation of not receiving payment for three months despite his team’s active participation in Spain’s premier Valorant league. The controversy surrounding the unpaid salaries at Barça eSports has raised concerns within the esports community.

The Prestige of FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona, a global sports entity renowned for its presence both on and off the field, has ventured into the realm of esports with a commitment to competing in various competitive titles, including League of Legends and Valorant, developed by Riot Games.


Lucas Rojo’s Testimony

As a respected figure in the Spanish Valorant scene, Lucas Rojo joined FC Barcelona as the head coach with high hopes for the team’s future. However, he has revealed his distressing ordeal of not receiving his rightful payment for the past three months.

Struggling with Adversity

In a candid statement, Lucas expresses his frustration and financial strain, admitting to depleting his savings to sustain himself while dedicating his efforts to coaching the Valorant team. Despite his sacrifices, he finds himself grappling with the uncertainty of the situation and the lack of support from the Barça eSports management.

Concerns within the Community

The unpaid salaries issue appears to be specific to the Valorant section of Barça eSports, as confirmed by statements from certain members of the organization. However, the lack of transparency and communication regarding the matter has raised concerns among stakeholders and fans alike.

Seeking Resolution

Efforts to reach out to Barça eSports management for clarification and resolution have been met with silence, leaving both Lucas Rojo and the esports community awaiting a response and a resolution to the ongoing controversy.

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The plight of Lucas Rojo and the unpaid salaries issue at Barça eSports highlight the challenges faced by professionals within the esports industry. As the situation unfolds, there is a growing call for transparency, accountability, and fair treatment of individuals contributing to the success of esports organizations like FC Barcelona.