Bali Major organizers denounced for “bias”

Bali Major organizers denounced for “bias”

21. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, Yang “Chalice” Shenyi made some strong statements where he accused the organizers of the Bali Major of being biased.

Bias in the Bali Major?

A few days ago, Chalice made a broadcast where he denounced that Epulze and IO Esports, the organizers of the Bali Major, were biased in the tournament. According to Chalice, the organizers blamed Azure Ray for Pure’s sanction and BetBoom’s immediate defeat.

On the other hand, the player comments that his team asked the tournament organizers to do so and, in turn, commented on other details about the context that led to it. The player was motivated by frustration at the incompetence of the tournament organizers.

Chalice commented that his team was very upset and frustrated with the organizers after they punished them for a false accusation. Recall that the Bali Nouns Major accused Azure Ray of abusing a bug, but that accusation was false. So the organizers lifted the punishment unjustly imposed against Azure Ray.

But that’s not all; things get a little worse the organizers of the Bali Major announced that Azure Ray had chosen to play with BetBoom. But that was a mistake as the team had chosen to play against Tundra Esports, and they would not backtrack on their choice.

On the other hand, Chalice, in his broadcast, claimed that he had ordered the tournament organizers to respect the rules. The player called for BetBoom to be punished after Pure was caught watching the live stream of his game during the break. The player’s objective was to humiliate the tournament organizers after unjustified punishment. Chalice undoubtedly wanted the tournament organizers to make amends for their incompetence, not to gain an advantage over BetBoom. They even asked the tournament organizers for BetBoom to remain in the Upper Bracket, but permission was not granted.

AR.Chalice: The organizer has a clear bias and shifts the blame for banning Pure to AR
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Extra details on the accusation of bias by the Bali Major organizers

In his rebroadcast, Chalice continued to tell the details of the accusation of bias of the organizers of the Bali Major. He claims that the tournament organizers did not inform BetBoom about Azure Ray’s request for the team to stay in the Upper Bracket. Instead, the organizers blamed them for making them look like they had malicious motives, and they did not.

After all of Chalice’s comments about the Bali Major organizers, the fan community has empathized with the player. On the Dota 2 subreddit, the community has been talking about the tournament’s poor organization; without a doubt, Chalice’s statements are proof of that.

In the comments, you can read how fans are asking IO Esports and Epulze not to continue operating. He states that that kind of mistake should not happen.

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The next tournament is The Riyadh Masters 2023, the last competition before The International 2023. It will be interesting to compare the two, as IO Esports and Epulze are not participating in either.