Azure Ray Triumphs Over BetBoom Team at TI12

Azure Ray Triumphs Over BetBoom Team at TI12

28. October 2023 by Never

Azure Ray, a name resonant with history, pulled off an astonishing victory against the BetBoom Team at TI12. Their determination and past experience showcased a blend of both strategy and skill, resulting in a spot in the top 4.

Match Overview: Azure Ray vs. BetBoom Team

Game 1: The Power of Necrophos (Duration: 58:41)

The first game was largely dominated by Yao “Somnus” Lu, who executed a stellar performance on his Necrophos. With a commendable GPM of 829 and two Heart of Tarrasques in his arsenal, he became an impenetrable force. While Danil “gpk” Skutin tried to retaliate with his Templar Assassin, Azure Ray held their ground, extending the game to almost an hour.


Game 2: Dragon Knight’s Dominance (Duration: 32:01)

The highlight of the second game was undoubtedly BetBoom’s pick – the tournament’s first Dragon Knight, strategically chosen to counter Azure Ray’s Puck. This decision bore fruit as BetBoom asserted dominance early in the game, concluding it in just 32 minutes, setting a fast-paced tone for the current meta.

Game 3: The Unexpected Turnaround (Duration: 42:49)

The decisive game saw an unexpected pick from BetBoom, a Morphling, which surprisingly was not their last pick. Although the initial phase seemed favorable for BetBoom, Azure Ray turned the tables with strategic plays, capitalizing on Morphling’s repetitive eliminations. Luna’s prowess, combined with Morphling’s unavailability, paved the way for Azure Ray’s triumph in this match.

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Future Prospects for Both Teams

BetBoom, despite the loss, holds a promising future. Their growth trajectory throughout the season indicates their potential for upcoming tournaments. As for Azure Ray, their dream run continues. Their next challenge awaits against the Gaimin Gladiators, where they will be battling for a prestigious spot in the top 3 of TI12, eyeing the main stage of The International 2023.