LoL: Aurelion Sol Faces Major Nerfs in Patch 14.14 And Riot Plans Compensatory Buffs

LoL: Aurelion Sol Faces Major Nerfs in Patch 14.14 And Riot Plans Compensatory Buffs

10. July 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Aurelion Sol, the celestial dragon of League of Legends, is set to receive significant adjustments in the upcoming Patch 14.14. While his Q ability is being nerfed, Riot Games is compensating with buffs to his other skills. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect.

Major Changes in Patch 14.14

Riot Games has announced substantial changes to Aurelion Sol in the latest patch, with a focus on rebalancing his kit. The most notable change is the increase in mana costs for his Q ability, which is expected to impact his early and mid-game significantly.


Increased Mana Costs for Q Ability

The increase in mana costs for Aurelion Sol’s Q will require players to manage their resources more efficiently, especially during the laning phase. This adjustment aims to reduce his dominance in the early game and shift some of his power to other abilities.

Compensatory Buffs: Enhancing Other Abilities

To balance the nerf to his Q, Riot Games is introducing buffs to Aurelion Sol’s W, E, and ultimate abilities. These changes are designed to redistribute his power and maintain his viability as a mid-lane champion.

Buffs to W, E, and Ultimate

  • W Ability (Celestial Expansion): The range of Aurelion Sol’s W will be increased, providing better zoning and repositioning opportunities during fights.
  • E Ability (Comet of Legend): The mana cost for his E ability will be reduced, allowing for more frequent usage and better map mobility.
  • Ultimate (Voice of Light): A slight increase in the damage of his ultimate, although with a 10 percent lower AP multiplier and a slight reduction in damage for a fully charged The Skies Descend, aims to make it more impactful in team fights.

AurelionSol 11

Riot Games’ Approach to Balancing

Riot Games has stated that these adjustments are aimed at reducing the over-reliance on Aurelion Sol’s Q and enhancing his overall gameplay experience. The developers will monitor the impact of these changes closely and make further adjustments if necessary in subsequent patches.

Current Meta and Performance

In the current patch, Aurelion Sol has been a moderately popular pick in solo queue, particularly in higher ranks. His performance in professional play has been mixed, with notable presence during major tournaments but limited impact in recent events.

AurelionSol 21

Solo Queue and Pro Play

  • Solo Queue Performance: Aurelion Sol currently holds a win rate of approximately 50 percent in Platinum and higher ranks, positioning him in the middle tier of mid-lane champions.
  • Professional Play: Despite his potential, Aurelion Sol has had a varied presence in professional play, with significant appearances in some tournaments but being less favored in others.


Patch 14.14 aims to rebalance Aurelion Sol by nerfing his Q ability and enhancing his other skills. These changes, set to go live on Wednesday, July 17, are part of Riot Games’ ongoing efforts to maintain balance and fairness in League of Legends. Players should stay tuned for further updates as the patch is rolled out and its effects are evaluated.

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