Audiences drop in Superliga, both in the total split and in the Grand Finals.

Audiences drop in Superliga, both in the total split and in the Grand Finals.

8. April 2023 by Andrew Williams

Yesterday took place the final of the LVP Superliga Spring Split. And as we feared from the way events have been developing since January, we have to talk about a drop in the audience. Both at the overall split level, as well as in the grand final, one of the most important moments.

The graph below makes this clear. This 2023 spring split has been worse in figures compared to both the same 2022 split and the 2022 summer split, the last reference.

This early 2023 split has accumulated 2.9 million viewing hours, while both 2022 splits went over 6 million. Very important data. In 2022 both splits exceeded 200,000 peak viewers, this year the spring split has narrowly exceeded 100,000. And finally, where in 2022 the average number of spectators was around 50,000, this split has remained in the middle, without reaching 25,000.

The figures for the final, the event that culminates the split, are not good either.

In 2022, on March 30, 178K viewing hours were achieved, with a peak of 65,000 viewers and an average of 35K in the spring split final. The final of the summer split raised the viewing hours to 370K, the peak viewers to 92K and the average to 50K, held on August 20 in Madrid. On the other hand, this spring 2023 split is left in the final with 92K viewing hours, a peak of 42K and an average of less than 30K viewers.

The figures were to be expected given the trajectory that the split has had since its start in January. It is not the only competition that is losing audience, other major European and global competitions are suffering the same problem. Many alternatives, a phenomenon of influencers that is weakening other channels on Twitch and the need to rethink the format. There is work to do for the second split.