Astralis defeats Eternal Fire, wins CCT South Europe 4

Astralis defeats Eternal Fire, wins CCT South Europe 4

26. May 2023 by Andrew Williams

The final of the Champion of Champions Tour SE Series 4 took place between Astralis and Eternal Fire from turkey. The danes won 2-1 in a close fashion, especially on Vertigo (16:14), then a brief spark of dominance by EF on Overpass with a 16:6 win, but ultimately they went down 16:7 on Inferno, the deciding map.

With this, Astralis secured its second CCT title this year. In addition to Eternal Fire, Astralis also beat OG and Aurora, among others, in the event.

Astralis wins the event

While Astralis cheers and is happy about the 22k dollars, Eternal Fire goes home disappointed. Although they were able to collect 10k dollars with the second place, they had hoped for more. This was the first event for the Turkish team since the signing of Özgür “woxic” Eker.

The match Eternal Fire vs. Astralis 1

The lineup has been shaky lately and many changes have been made and even if it wasn’t enough for first place, they seem to have done something right, as a second place is of course an achievement that deserves recognition. Woxic showed what he got and posted a 1.22 rating over the whole event, which showed the fans that the team is on the right track. Astralis, on the other hand, need not doubt their lineup.

The Danes only recently replaced Andreas “Xyp9x” Højsleth with 19-year-old Rifler Altekz and it was obviously a smart move. It was the third tournament win for the young player and his performances are promising.

The match Eternal Fire vs. Astralis

The match started on Vertigo and Eternal had a dominant start despite playing without MAJ3R and fielding Ömer “imoRR” Karataş instead. Eternal Fire took an early lead, but Astralis quickly caught up and then slowly passed the Turks. Astralis was able to close the first map with 16:14. On Overpass, MAJ3R came back for his team and gave his team renewed confidence. Eternal Fire found their flow and comfortably beat Astralis 16-6. The map went into the last and third map after Inferno. Eternal Fire didn’t have a good start there and it was visibly lacking. Astralis had full control on the T-side and pushed ahead.

It was already clear that they were stronger than Eternal Fire on the third map and they eventually prevailed 16-7 to win the match and the event. Astralis is now 22,000 dollars richer, but has no time to rest on its laurels, because it’s straight on for them. The team will next have to prove themselves at IEM Dallas, which starts on 29 May 2023. There they will face plenty of other high profile teams, including FaZe and Cloud9.

While the Danish team Astralis made first place at CCT SE 4, and Eternal Fire managed to be second, Endpoint and OG took home $5,000 each in third and fourth place. The German team ALTERNATE aTTaX finished in last place of the event.