Arslan Ash was crowned Tekken 7 champion at Evo 2023

Arslan Ash was crowned Tekken 7 champion at Evo 2023

8. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Arslan Ash has been crowned the Tekken 7 champion at Evo 2023. Undoubtedly, this player has demonstrated impressive, unprecedented dominance.

The Tekken 7 Champion

Recently, Arslan Ash established himself as the world’s best Tekken 7 player at the Evo of 2023. This player has won the fourth Tekken 7 trophy. It can be said that winning an Evo championship is like winning the ultimate title that can be won in any particular game.

Arslan Ash has been the protagonist of a historic event. In the grand final, against managed to defeat his opponent 3-0 in a powerful mirror of Kunimitsu. Thanks to that, I can stay with the title of champion. With this victory, Arslan Ash is crowned for the second time in Las Vegas, which is added to the other two crowns won in Japan.

Undoubtedly, the case of Arslan Ash is worthy of admiration. This player only started competing in 2018 and is already the only person who has managed to take four Tekken championships in Evo. On the other hand, it is important to note that Arslan joins a select group of people who have ever won numerous titles in the event series. In this very exclusive group, where only a few people have entered, SonicFox, and Tokido are included.

On the other hand, Arslan Ash has returned to the Evo to demonstrate his full potential. Remember that, in the Evo 2022, the player only achieved third place. Last year Arslan Ash did not have an excellent performance as he was dedicating part of his time to King of Fighters XV. In the King of Fighters XV competitions, he finished in first place. Arslan obtained the positions since he was not fully concentrated in either of the two games. However, this year in the Evo, he focused all his attention and dedication on T7 and undoubtedly showed why he is the best player in the world.

Comments from Arslan Ash

Recently in an interview with Arslan Ash, the gamer commented that he has been testing different games such as KoF, Street Fighter, etc. However, Ash also revealed that the competition is fierce right now, so he is completely focused on T7 in Evo. Otherwise, it would be impossible to achieve victory. On the other hand, Ash revealed that he couldn’t focus and be the best player in two games simultaneously.

At the same time, Ash commented that he might dabble in other titles to learn and enjoy their mechanics. However, he affirmed that he would not divide his attention at the highest level.

Finally, Ash said he has only one goal for the rest of the year: to be in the best shape possible for the Tekken World Tour Finals in New Orleans in January 2024.