Goodbye to the Summoner Names Era: Welcome, Riot ID

Goodbye to the Summoner Names Era: Welcome, Riot ID

17. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

The Riot ID Revolution

The world of League of Legends esports is undergoing a significant transition. Starting in November 2023, that distinctive and nostalgic title by which your friends and foes recognized you in the game — the summoner name — will disappear, making way for the new universal identity: Riot ID. This digital metamorphosis not only projects as an update but also sparks debates among the community.

History and Reasons for the Change

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Summoner names have always been a pivotal element in the game culture. They’ve defined rivalries, friendships, and even professional careers. But, as with everything in technology and entertainment, change is inevitable.

The primary reason for this evolution is conceptual: Riot Games wishes to remove the notion of ‘summoner’. This term no longer reflects the game’s current essence or narrative. In fact, Riot’s trend is to move away from this original concept.

Furthermore, there’s a more technical and unifying approach: Riot aims to consolidate players’ identity across all their games with a single ID. Riot Games has been evolving its launcher to interconnect all titles, thus providing a more integrated user experience.

How to Navigate this New System?

Though it might seem overwhelming for some, the reality is that Riot has devised an intuitive and accessible system:

  1. Automated Change: There’s no action required to get your Riot ID; it has been previously assigned.
  2. Modifying the Riot ID: If you wish to personalize your Riot ID, simply access, log in, and from there, you can make the change.
  3. Viewing the Riot ID: Upon logging into League of Legends, hover over the profile icon in the top right corner, and you’ll be able to see your Riot ID.

What Other Features Does Riot ID Offer?

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To many players’ relief, Riot won’t leave them stranded with this change. They will offer the opportunity to modify the Riot ID once a year. However, if a player wishes to make additional changes, they can, but at a cost: $10 starting from November 20th.

And there’s more. From that date, name change purchases will only be possible with Riot Points and Legends of Runeterra coins. However, efforts are underway to expand the purchase options in the future, incorporating points from other games such as VALORANT and Wild Rift.

Say Goodbye to your Summoner Name

This change, like all others, will yield divided opinions. However, it’s essential to remember that evolutions in platforms and games seek to adapt to the changing needs of the community and industry. Riot ID promises to be more than just a name change: it aims to initiate a more integrated and cohesive era in the Riot universe.