Apple Cancels Epic Developer Account, Thwarting Fortnite iOS Plans

Apple Cancels Epic Developer Account, Thwarting Fortnite iOS Plans

7. March 2024 by Never

Apple’s recent move to cancel Epic’s developer account has halted the gaming giant’s plans to bring Fortnite to iOS, despite the European Digital Markets Act requiring Cupertino to allow third-party app stores.

Apple’s Obligation Under European Law:

The European Digital Markets Act mandates Apple to permit third-party app stores in Europe. While the recent iOS 17.4 update appeared to comply with this requirement, Epic faced a major setback as Apple deleted its developer account.

Implications for Epic Games:

Epic Games intended to launch its own store on iOS, leveraging recent changes. However, the cancellation of their developer account poses a significant obstacle, rendering them unable to publish anything on the iOS platform.


Epic’s Response:

Epic Games issued a scathing letter accusing Apple of violating European law, emphasizing the significance of competition. They argue that by canceling Epic’s developer account, Apple eliminates a potential major competitor to the Apple App Store.

Impact on Developers:

Epic’s letter highlights the potential repercussions for developers if Apple retains the power to arbitrarily expel third-party marketplaces, discouraging competition and innovation.

Past Collaborations:

Despite the dispute, Epic acknowledges its previous collaborations with Apple, including releasing games and the Unreal Engine on the App Store and Apple Arcade.

Legal Battles and Fortnite’s Fate:

The contentious relationship between Epic and Apple led to Fortnite’s removal from iOS. Although a court ruling favored Apple, Fortnite found its way to iOS through web launchers, albeit with limitations.

Fostering Competitiveness and Innovation through Stakeholder Dialogue

Considering the complexities of digital market regulations, stakeholders must engage in constructive dialogue to foster a competitive and innovative app ecosystem.