Apex: New game mode Heatwave

Apex: New game mode Heatwave

24. March 2023 by miranda angeles

Players can enjoy various events and game modes every season in Apex Legends. This season of Apex will be no different and brings a Sun Squadron collection event, plus the new Heatwave game mode, where many cosmetics will be included.

The game developers have already previewed the outfits we can expect to come to Apex. Among those are included skins with a theme that goes very well with the summer.

Respawn Entertainment has prepared an amazing event for all fans of the game. In the Sun Squad collection event, you will be able to acquire 24 cosmetics that are part of the collection; and it will be available from the 28th of this month. However, that’s not all; players who obtain all 24 cosmetics will receive the relic of Ash’s strongest link.

On the other hand, the new game mode will also debut along with this event. The Heatwave mode will be loaded with fantastic things.

Heatwave game mode

After talking about the event coming soon to the game, it is time to talk about Apex’s new game mode.

As we mentioned before, the arrival of the Heatwave game mode will be simultaneous with the collection event. So you will be able to enjoy Heatwave from March 28th.

For this new game mode, the trio’s rules will be the usual; however, within a game, heat waves will occur that can damage the players. To avoid this terrible damage, players must look for refreshment shelters inside the structures or try to protect themselves under a piece of furniture.

In case the players are outdoors, the damage generated by the heat waves will be very strong, so they will have to run to cool down quickly.

However, players can be protected from heat if they have heat shields. These shields are specially designed to protect the team under the sun. However, if you want to use the shield outside the ring, it will be destroyed immediately.

How to survive heat waves in the new Apex game mode

All players who wish to try out the new Apex game mode are advised to wear sunglasses to protect their eyesight. This item will be included in the packages. So it is likely that many players will be in search of the glasses at the same time, so be very careful with these opponents.

apex legends heatwave game mode

On the other hand, it is crucial to find cool places and keep your position to protect yourself from heat waves and survive this game mode.