Apex Legends Urban Assault Event: All You Need to Know

Apex Legends Urban Assault Event: All You Need to Know

19. April 2024 by Never

The thrilling Urban Assault collection event has arrived in Apex Legends, bringing with it a wave of new thrills, dazzling cosmetics, innovative game modes, and exciting challenges. Dive into the action and discover all that this event has to offer.

Urban Assault Event Novelties

The Urban Assault event introduces a variety of exciting novelties, including new cosmetics, game modes, and challenges for Apex Legends players. Get ready to immerse yourself in a refreshed and thrilling gaming experience.

Exclusive Cosmetics and Rewards

Players will have the opportunity to acquire 24 limited-time cosmetics during the event, with the chance to unlock the coveted Prestige Streamer Apex skin for Octane by obtaining all the cosmetics. Elevate your style with these stunning additions to your arsenal!

Game Mode: Tres Vidas Returns

The popular Tres Vidas game mode returns with the Urban Assault event, but with exciting enhancements. The reduction of revival time to 2 seconds, respawn with 100% health and 0% shields, and a new loot system with guaranteed minimums ensure an intense and action-packed gaming experience.

Apex Challenges: Asynchronous Competition

The event introduces a new asynchronous tournament system called Apex Challenges, allowing players to test their skills against similarly skilled rivals and earn points to climb the rankings. With prizes based on performance and placement, players have the chance to prove their worth on the battlefield.