Apex Legends Season 20: Anticipating the Game-Changing Updates

Apex Legends Season 20: Anticipating the Game-Changing Updates

1. February 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The upcoming Season 20 of Apex Legends is poised to bring substantial changes, with the community buzzing about a potential rework of the legend Lifeline. Despite past updates, Lifeline’s abilities may feel a bit dated, and the Apex Legends team might breathe new life into this iconic character.

While the specifics of her abilities remain a mystery, the absence of a new “Stories From the Outlands” trailer suggests a focus on reworking existing legends rather than introducing new ones.

New Map: Exploring Uncharted Territories

Every fifth season traditionally heralds the arrival of a new map, and Season 20 appears to be no exception. Leaks suggest “District” as the next potential battleground. While these are early days, and confirmation is pending, the prospect of exploring a brand new landscape has stirred excitement within the Apex community.

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New Weapon Speculations: Expanding the Arsenal

It’s been several seasons since Apex Legends introduced a new weapon. The Season 20 patch notes may reveal exciting additions, possibly an Energy Pistol named ‘Fanatic’, enhancing the variety in the pistol category. Rumors of other weapons like Gemini, an energy SMG, a Crossbow, and a light LMG called Maelstrom are also circulating, although their inclusion seems less certain.

Legend Changes and Balance Adjustments

Apart from Lifeline, other legends like Loba might receive buffs, but the details are yet to be confirmed. The Apex Legends community is eagerly awaiting the Season 20 patch notes for a complete rundown of these changes.

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Armor Mechanics Overhaul

Discussions on social media hint at significant modifications to armor mechanics, including the removal of armor from ground loot and changes to shield swapping. However, these are unconfirmed reports, and players are advised to await official announcements.

Stay Updated!

Stay tuned as more details about Apex Legends Season 20 unfold, promising to reshape the gameplay experience with innovative features and enhancements.