Apex Legends Season 20: The Dawn of a New Era

Apex Legends Season 20: The Dawn of a New Era

6. February 2024 by Never

Apex Legends, the ever-evolving Battle Royale, is about to enter its 20th season, bringing a slew of revolutionary changes that promise to redefine the gameplay experience. With the official information starting to trickle in, let’s dive into what we know so far about the Season 20 patch notes.

Legend Upgrade System: A Game-Changer

The highlight of Season 20 is the new Legend Upgrade system. Each Legend will now have four unique perks, which players can unlock by leveling up their Evo shield. This system not only adds depth to character customization but also introduces a dynamic twist to the Battle Royale gameplay.

Confirmed Legend Perks:

  • Pathfinder: Resets grapple cooldown on enemy knockdowns.
  • Bangalore: Heals while inside her smoke.
  • Wattson: Places two Ultimates simultaneously, counters arc grenades, and her Ultimate heals both shield & health.
  • Lifeline: Gains the ability to self-revive and spawns Red Tier weapons in care packages.
  • Gibraltar: Revives allies with increased health, auto-reloads shotguns on knockdowns, and has enhanced Dome Shield capabilities.

Armour System Overhaul

Armour in Apex Legends is getting a major revamp. No longer craftable, it will now be intrinsic to characters. Deathboxes will contain ‘Armour Cores’ for temporary health swaps, and new Evo Harvesters and Evo Caches will offer alternative ways to charge Evo.

Crafting and Ranked System Changes

Crafting System:

  • Limited use of Replicators.
  • Free crafting with a focus on essentials like Med Kits, Shield Batteries, and Ammo.

Ranked Play:

  • Reversion to the Season 13 system with minor modifications.
  • New bonuses for top five finishes.
  • Reset of all players to 1RP at the season’s start.

Balance Adjustments

Legend Adjustments:

  • Expect tweaks to various legends, including a buff to Crypto’s drone animations.

Weapon Tuning:

  • Nerfs to the 30-30 and Hemlock.
  • Removal of Digital Threat scopes from SMGs.
  • Care Package now includes only two weapons.

Map Makeovers

In celebration of the game’s fifth anniversary, maps like Olympus, Storm Point, and Worlds Edge will receive cosmetic updates, though no new map is introduced in Season 20.

Introduction to Season 20’s Exciting Developments

Apex Legends Season 20 is shaping up to be a landmark update, introducing fundamental changes that will undoubtedly shake up the meta. Whether it’s the nuanced Legend Upgrade system or the strategic depth added by the new armour mechanics, players have a lot to explore and adapt to in the upcoming season.