Apex Legends Season 19: Comprehensive Insights and Expectations

Apex Legends Season 19: Comprehensive Insights and Expectations

23. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Apex Legends, a dominant force in the battle royale gaming landscape, gears up for its 19th season, leaving fans eager for the official patch notes. This article offers a deep dive into the anticipations and insights gathered thus far regarding the upcoming release.

Introduction to Season 19

With Apex Legends Season 19 slated for a launch on October 31st, the gaming community is buzzing with speculations and limited official information. Though the comprehensive patch notes are pending, we’ve pieced together what’s in the horizon.

New Arrival: Legend Conduit


Historically, Apex Legends introduces a fresh legend every alternate season. With Season 18 offering a rejuvenated version of Revenant, it’s Season 19’s turn to usher in a brand new legend – Conduit.

Potential Abilities:

  • Passive Ability: Conduit may gain a striking 40% speed surge when teammates venture beyond her Tactical Ability’s range during skirmishes.
  • Tactical Ability: A self-shielding mechanism where Conduit replenishes 25 shields. With multiple charges, she can recover several shield HP units.
  • Ultimate Ability: Drawing parallels with Wattson’s designs, Conduit’s Ultimate is rumored to craft unyielding barriers named Titan Batteries. These formidable barriers can electrocute and further decelerate adversaries. The anticipated number of deployable units is between 6 to 8, providing strategic cover against advancing enemies.

Updates on Existing Legends

Apart from Conduit, it’s hazy about other legends’ alterations. Gossips hint at Lifeline undergoing a revamp, possibly earmarked for Season 20. The patch might also shine a light on underrepresented legends like Seer, Newcastle, Gibraltar, and Ballistic, whose modifications have been long-awaited by the community.

Ranked Mode Overhaul

Respawn, the brains behind the game, teased modifications to the Ranked mode. Unveiled in a recent Reddit post, their objective gravitates towards augmenting the pace of rank ascension. This implies enhanced bonuses, delineated further in their post about the Apex Skill bonus.

Map Alterations: The Storm Point Saga

monstrous storm point map update 2

Season 19 promises significant alterations to the Storm Point map. Past in-game hints from Season 17 alluded to a grand meteorological occurrence, yet the map lay dormant in Season 18.

There’s chatter about introducing a Wattson Town Takeover – a feature lurking in the game files for a while, anticipated to supersede Lightning Rod. Given the prolonged teases, one can foresee monumental changes, transcending beyond just the Wattson addition.

Weapon Dynamics

While no new armament seems to be on the horizon for Season 19, we can speculate about equilibrium tweaks to existing arsenals. An assured shuffle in the crafting rotation and potential modifications in care package weapons are in the offing.

Stay Updated!

While the gaming world waits with bated breath for official patch notes, these insights provide a glimpse into Apex Legends esports Season 19. Gamers should brace for impactful changes, reshaping the meta and offering fresh strategies for victories.