Apex Legends: Rank System

Apex Legends: Rank System

20. May 2023 by miranda angeles

In Apex Legends, the rank system is composed of seven different levels. Although it can be said that, as in all games, there is always a level or rank that has much more prominence than the others, in Apex Legends, it is the same.

Rank system in Apex

The ranks or levels in Apex Legends are classified from lowest to highest in the following way:

  1. Novice
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Platinum
  6. Diamond
  7. Master
  8. Apex Predator

The rookie rank is not considered a rank, as it is the basic level all players start with. Also, regardless of how you play, you will never drop to a lower level. Therefore, the novice level is excluded from the rank system.

Generally, accounts that do not advance from the rookie-level either not have played enough games to be able to move up to the bronze level, or they are in the learning phase.

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Ideally, rank systems should have a bell curve, as in many games. If the distribution of players does not have such a shape, the ranking would be meaningless, as most players would be at the extremes of either the best or the worst. Therefore, it is expected that the intermediate levels are where the largest number of players accumulate.

How are the ranks in Apex Legends currently distributed?

Currently, the rank distribution has not been shared with Apex players. The game developers published the rank distribution at the end of season 13; after many seasons, it is expected to be published again at the end of season 17.

Remember that the game developer is the most reliable source to know the distribution of ranks since it has the exact data. At the same time, it can remove players who do not meet the minimum conditions from the statistics.

According to the last official rank distribution report, it was as follows:

  • Bronze: 2.22%
  • Silver: 15.22%
  • Gold: 41.5%
  • Platinum: 32.57%
  • Diamond: 8.05%
  • Apex Master or Predator: 0.45%

As mentioned, Apex developers stopped publishing rank distribution statistics a few seasons ago, so it is impossible to know the game’s current status.

However, with Apex Legends Status, players can get a general idea of the current rank system.

Distribution of rank system by Apex Legends Status

  • Novice: 41.28%
  • Bronze: 31.14%
  • Silver: 17.33%
  • Gold: 6.13%
  • Platinum: 2.40%
  • Diamond: 1.07
  • Master or Apex Predator: 0.61%

It is important to note that it has been impossible to filter out players who do not meet the minimum conditions to be within the ranks in this data.

So, although people can get a general idea of the ranks, it is impossible to know how many people participate in ranked games. Unfortunately, until the game developers publish the statistics, no one will know the distribution of ranks or levels.