Apex Legends: Pro player forced to withdraw from ALGS Split 2 playoffs due to visa problems

Apex Legends: Pro player forced to withdraw from ALGS Split 2 playoffs due to visa problems

12. July 2023 by miranda angeles

LAN events in EMEA have experienced visa problems for professional players for the second time. This time, a professional Apex Legends player is forced to withdraw from the ALGS Split 2 qualifiers due to visa problems.

Apex Legends Global Series

For a whole season, teams from the top five leagues in their regions compete for a place in the most important international Apex Legends tournament. We are talking about the ALGS, this important series of three tournaments held in London.

Now, the first thing all teams must do is fight to qualify for the playoffs. However, the next task, to get to the UK, has prevented many ALGS teams from participating in previous Splits.

Visa problems

Due to visa complications, team Aurora Gaming, which entered the Split Two playoffs as the ninth seed in EMEA, has stated that their starting lineup has undergone a major change. According to information released by the team, the ALGS Split Two Playoffs will be played without Danila “Sunset” Soloviov, and Alexy “Maliwan” Rusinov, a former Aurora player, will take his place.

The Aurora Gaming team’s visa problems are not the first time they have occurred. Recall that Maliwan competed as a starting member of Aurora Gaming in the ALGS Pro League Split, where the team qualified as number one in EMEA. However, the entire team had visa issues and, as a result, could not attend the tournament. Instead, Horizon Union, another team from the region, had to take their place in the tournament.

After the first round robin, Aurora went from being the best team in the region to an average performance. The team scored only 16 points, and the new region leader, “Fire Beavers,” scored 46. Undoubtedly, this performance of Aurora has caused great disappointment to all their fans.

Now, after that disappointing performance, Aurora made changes in the squad, so Maliwan was replaced for Split 2 by Sunset. After the introduction of Sunset in Aurora’s starting lineup, the team improved every week. The team climbed the standings to the regional finals thanks to these good performances. Despite Aurora’s 12th-place finish, the team earned a spot in the important LAN tournament.

Aurora Gaming in the ALGS

Aurora Gaming is part of group A and must compete in its first group stage match on Thursday, July 13. The team must battle against Group B and then Group C. All fans of Aurora Gaming or any team participating in the ALGS can watch each match through the main streams.