Apex Legends: Players Now Losing Progress in Premium Battle Pass

Apex Legends: Players Now Losing Progress in Premium Battle Pass

17. April 2024 by Never

At the onset of April, numerous Apex Legends enthusiasts were shocked to discover that their accounts had been reset, resulting in the loss of all their levels. Now, reports indicate the emergence of another bug that is impacting premium battle pass progress.

Premium Battle Pass Setback: Loss of Progress

Players are currently experiencing setbacks in their paid battle pass progression, with some even losing access to their battle pass altogether.

Consequently, players are either witnessing a reduction in levels or encountering obstacles accessing premium rewards, with their game clients prompting them to repurchase the battle pass.

Unexpected Cosmetic Changes: Inventory Discrepancies

Moreover, certain players claim to have noticed cosmetics in their inventory that they neither unlocked nor purchased, while others find previously acquired items now locked again. This new glitch is significantly disrupting the current battle pass and various cosmetic features, allegedly affecting hundreds of individuals across the player base.

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Echoes of Past Woes: Two Weeks Ago

This recent glitch surfaces just two weeks after a major bug caused players to lose account levels, legend skins, and Heirlooms. This bug resulted in account and ranked level resets, compelling some players to restart their journey from Rookie matches and climb back to their original rank.

Developer Response and Community Caution

Although Respawn deployed a patch to rectify the issues, it appears that some gaps still exist in the developers’ efforts. Players are advised to stay vigilant for updates on the team’s social media platforms.

Considering Respawn’s swift action to address the account reset issue and their gesture of issuing eight free Apex Packs to all players as an apology to the community, it’s advisable for players not to repurchase the battle pass. The developers are likely to implement a hotfix to resolve the issue and restore cosmetics to affected accounts.

Hold Off on Apex Legends Logins Amidst Ongoing Bug Investigation

In the interim, players may wish to refrain from logging into their Apex accounts, as the bug may persist among the general population while the developers work diligently to resolve the underlying issues.