Apex Legends: In-game audio problem solved

Apex Legends: In-game audio problem solved

4. May 2023 by miranda angeles

We have good news for all Apex Legends fans, the game developers have solved the annoying audio problem.

Recently, the cause of the audio problem that has long haunted Apex Legends players has been revealed. The line of code of a firearm caused this problem.

Today we tell you how the game developers have managed to discover the cause of the problem and how they have fixed it.

The audio problem in Apex Legends

For a long time now, both professional and amateur players have been arguing about the annoying audio problem. It is important to note that the audio bug got worse in season 16, so players were very frustrated. A sample of this was the message published by Christopher “sweetdreams” Sexton, an NRG player, on his Twitter account, commenting on how annoying the game was with this problem.

In his message, he also asks everyone affected by the problem to “like” the message. Sweetdreams claims that if enough “likes” are obtained, the developers will consider them.

The audio problem has had serious consequences for many professional players, leading them to lose important matches. Unfortunately, by losing these matches, they have also stopped earning large amounts of money.

Respawn releases details of the audio update

To appease players upset by the game’s audio glitches, the developers of Apex Legends have posted the details of the audio update on Reddit.

According to what the developers posted, the cause of the growing problems was the new Season 16 gun. The problem specifically was caused by the gun’s line of code.

The developers have explained that the Apex Legends servers are based on “start/stop” commands to give the game’s audio and visual cues. Now, the servers simultaneously process all game elements’ visual and auditory impacts. However, the system has a limited capacity of hits simultaneously. Now, the developers discovered that the new weapon was overloading the system.

After thoroughly investigating all game elements, they found that the Nemesis was causing the system overload. The game developers have explained that the new weapon has a special system that increases the damage as it fires and has a louder audible signal. Of course, if the weapon is not loaded, it has no sound, but due to the previous code, the unloaded Nemesis was generating a frequency.

Consequently, the game was overloaded due to the number of players carrying the unloaded weapon. Consequently, there were all these kinds of glitches with the audio.

So it was very frequent to see audio problems in high-level games as it was becoming increasingly popular to see professional players using The Nemesis.

Dev Team Update: Audio Update
byu/RSPN_Thieamy inapexlegends

Fixing The Nemesis

After thoroughly investigating the audio glitch, the game developers have launched a fix for the problem. According to what Respawn has published, everything has gone very well. They further claim that with the solution to this audio problem, other bugs in the game will be solved and will bring many benefits in the long run.

The message published by the game developers has demonstrated transparency and diligence in solving the bugs that disturb users’ gaming sessions.