Apex Legends: Fan drives thousands of miles to attend ALGS playoffs

Apex Legends: Fan drives thousands of miles to attend ALGS playoffs

16. July 2023 by miranda angeles

The love for video games and esports continues to grow every day. This is demonstrated by an Apex Legends fan, who will travel thousands of kilometers to attend the ALGS playoffs.

A trip of 11,000 kilometers

Undoubtedly, the excitement of the big esports tournaments is indescribable. So many fans of the organization dream of being able to attend and be able to support their favorite players. Many fans travel to different cities or countries to fulfill that dream.

But, there is one Apex Legends fan who has taken things to the next level, as he has driven thousands and thousands of miles to be able to accompany his favorite players.

Fan Wenjie Shi, better known as Vita, traveled from Shanghai, China to London, England, in his car. Vita’s journey is approximately 11,000 kilometers, lasting 20 days in total. But that’s not the only way to show his love for his favorite gamers; his car is Apex Legends themed.

Details of Vita’s long journey

Vita, recently in an interview, discussed the details of the long trip he had to make to get to London. In this interview, Vita says he had to overcome different challenges during the trip, but the journey and destination were worth it.

For his part, Vita comments that one of the biggest challenges was overcoming the terrain of Central Asia, and the other challenge was finding car insurance in each country he had to cross. Vita says she had to spend several days in Germany to contact insurance.

On the other hand, Vita comments that it was very easy for the car to suffer any failure on the trip. At one point during the trip, the car even broke down. Vita explains that all four wheels of the car were destroyed, and it was difficult to get a mechanic to fix them because of the language barrier.

However, Vita says that despite the difficulties, he loved the trip and is happy to be able to enjoy the ALGS playoffs. In addition, Vita says that throughout the trip, Apex Legends fans motivated him to continue, and at the Finnish Border, he met some customs agents who were Apex Legends players. On the other hand, Vita comments that the Apex Legends community has been very kind to him both on the trip and in London.

Vita also commented that he didn’t know what he was getting into before starting his trip. He wanted to fulfill one of his biggest dreams. So he is happy to have achieved them.

Finally, Vita’s long journey from Shanghai to London was made to support his local favorites, MDY White and DreamFire.