Apex Legends Double Take Event: New Quads Mode, Prestige Skins, and Everything You Need to Know

Apex Legends Double Take Event: New Quads Mode, Prestige Skins, and Everything You Need to Know

22. June 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Apex Legends is shaking things up with its latest event, Double Take, featuring a brand-new Quads mode, a host of exclusive skins, and the standout Lifeline Prestige skin. This event promises to deliver excitement and chaos, offering players fresh content and unique gameplay experiences.

New Game Mode: Quads

The highlight of the Double Take event is undoubtedly the introduction of the Quads mode. This mode allows players to team up in groups of four, a significant shift from the traditional three-person squads. The Quads mode will be available until the end of the season, concluding on August 5.

apex legends quads mode

Loot Pool Adjustments

To accommodate the larger team size, Respawn Entertainment has adjusted the loot pool to ensure players have ample resources without constantly competing with teammates for gear. If you’re finding yourself frequently fighting for loot, it might be time to reconsider your squad mates!

Ranked Mode Unchanged

For those who prefer the classic Apex Legends experience, the ranked mode will remain unchanged, continuing with three-person squads. The Quads mode is designed to offer a new layer of fun and strategy, allowing players to bring an extra friend along for the ride.

Exciting New Cosmetics

The Double Take event brings a collection of new skins that playfully mix and match elements from different legends. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on offer:

  • Alter receives an Octane-inspired mask.
  • Octane sports a mask with Alter-like features.
  • Revenant dons a humorous kitten mask in blue and yellow.
  • Conduit gets a hood and mask with dark blood-red accents.

Lifeline’s Prestige Skin: Apex Corrupter

The crown jewel of the event’s cosmetics is Lifeline’s new Prestige skin, the Apex Corrupter. This skin, obtainable by collecting all event skins, features Lifeline in a full gas mask and canisters reminiscent of Caustic’s Nox gas. The fully leveled-up version includes a Prestige Finisher, with D.O.C. delivering a particularly brutal knockout.

apex legends alter posing

Event Timeline

The Double Take collection event kicks off on June 25 and runs until July 9. During this period, players can unlock the event-specific cosmetics and complete the free prize track. However, the Quads mode will remain active until the season’s end on August 5, providing ample time to enjoy the four-person squad action.

How to Maximize Your Double Take Experience

  1. Form a Balanced Squad: With four players, ensure a mix of offensive, defensive, and support legends to adapt to various combat scenarios.
  2. Communicate Effectively: Utilize in-game voice chat and pings to coordinate with your larger team.
  3. Strategize Looting: Plan your landing spots and looting routes to avoid conflicts over gear.
  4. Participate in the Event: Engage in the event challenges to unlock exclusive skins and rewards.

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The Double Take event in Apex Legends is a fantastic opportunity to experience the game in a new light with the introduction of Quads mode and a slew of new cosmetics.

Whether you’re chasing the new Lifeline Prestige skin or simply looking to enjoy the chaos of larger squads, this event has something for everyone. Gear up, gather your squad, and dive into the action from June 25 to August 5!

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