Apex Legend’s audience decline on Twitch

Apex Legend’s audience decline on Twitch

22. August 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, ImperialHal has made his opinion known about the possible causes of Apex Legend’s audience decline on Twitch. According to the gamer, there are three main reasons for the audience drop.

ImperialHal comments on the decline of Apex Legend’s viewership on Twitch

Things this year have not gone very well for Apex Legend, as viewership has significantly declined on Twitch. TSM player Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen has voiced his opinion and believes three factors have directly affected viewership. Furthermore, the gamer thinks that if nothing changes, things may get worse.

Streaming star ImperialHal believes that two of the three factors that have affected Apex’s viewership on Twitch are directly related to seasonal patch releases. For ImperialHal, Apex Legends developers release patches too slowly. The player claims three months between patches is too long for any game.

ImperialHal comments that this is a very long period, especially for the most devoted players like him. These types of players participate in the battle royale every day, and due to the lack of updates, the game’s content becomes boring.

On the other hand, ImperialHal commented that it usually does not have “really fresh content when releasing a seasonal update.” In addition, the player claims that the release of a single character is insufficient.

In the rebroadcast made by the player on August 20, ImperialHal comments as follows:

” You can’t have three months of the same game and then have an update that includes only one character. The game developers prolong the game as long as they can.”

New Apex Legends seasons are unchanged

On the other hand, ImperialHal comments that if a player has left the game for lack of new features and wishes to return in a new season looking for new content, they will be completely disappointed. The fact that a new season includes only one character is disappointing for all Apex players.

The last factor that ImperialHal believes affects Apex’s viewership on Twitch is that it relies heavily on the popularity of the competitive scene. Currently, the popularity of Apex is falling in the face of battle royale games like Fortnite.

For its part, ImperialHal believes that if Apex includes something similar to Fortnite’s Cash Cups, the audience may improve. Fortnite’s Cash Cups regularly compete with players of all skill levels receiving cash prizes.

Apex Legends audience decline on Twitch

Apex Legends’ audience decline on Twitch is a fact. According to statistics published by SullyGnome, in 2021, it averaged 78K viewers. In 2022 the average dropped a bit and was 75K. However, in 2023, the decrease has been very important; this year, the average is 52K viewers. But the figures continue to fall. The previous month the average number of viewers was 42K.

For its part, ImperialHal has commented that if no changes are made to the game, the popularity and viewership of Apex will only continue to decline.