Apex Legends: ALGS to have new UK venue

Apex Legends: ALGS to have new UK venue

17. July 2023 by miranda angeles

A new venue for the ALGS championship in the UK has recently been announced. The best Apex Legends teams will compete in a new venue in September.

The ALGS will have a new venue in the UK

If we take the Split Two Playoffs as an indication of what will happen in the ALGS championship, it could be the most hotly contested championship to date. And this championship will have a new action-packed venue. According to the championship organizers, the venue will no longer be the one announced earlier this year,

It was initially announced that the three 2023 ALGS LANs would be held in London. However, this will no longer be the case, with all three LANs now being held in Birmingham, UK, from September 6-10.

It is presumed that the tournament organizers have changed the venue because they want to get a much bigger venue than the Copper Box Arena in London. This way, many more fans can come to support their favorite teams. Recall that the teams participating in the ALGS championship qualified in the LAN Split One and Split Two qualifiers.

In addition, two teams from each region that have qualified through a Last Chance Qualifier tournament will be included. This completes the 40 teams participating in this important Apex Legends event.

ALGS Championship Details

This year, all participating teams will be fighting for a much bigger purse than last year. For the 2023 ALGS championship, the prize pool has doubled. Last year it was $ 1 million; this year, it will be $2 million. However, rumors exist that this significant prize pool could be even higher. Should EA and Respawn decide to include crowdfunding initiatives in the prize pool, such as allocating a portion of cosmetic sales. Undoubtedly the ALGS championship prize pool could be much larger.

In the 2023 ALGS championship, all teams will be demonstrating their potential. For example, DarkZero, proclaimed second-division champions, will fight to defend the championship. While TSM, who won the first division, will be looking to repeat the feat and win the championship title. Undoubtedly, both DarkZero and TSM are the favorite teams for many fans. However, the rest of the teams will fight to beat them.

On the other hand, the first 30 teams participating in the ALGS championship have already been confirmed. However, the full field will not be decided until the LQCs of each region are held.

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It is important to mention that the ALGS championship action starts this weekend. Remember that the LQCs are being held all over the world. So in a few days, we will live the exciting fights for places for the most important Apex Legends championship of 2023.