Apex Legends ALGS 2024 Split One Playoffs: Top Teams and Predictions

Apex Legends ALGS 2024 Split One Playoffs: Top Teams and Predictions

29. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) 2024 Split One Playoffs are fast approaching, set to kick off on May 2 with a staggering one million dollar prize pool up for grabs.

With such high stakes, which teams are poised to shine and potentially claim the top spot? Let’s delve into our predictions for the upcoming event and highlight some of the best teams to keep an eye on.

Top Teams to Watch


1. DarkZero and TSM: The Rivalry Continues

verhulst and imperialhal algs

  • Undoubtedly, the biggest contenders for the championship are the perennial favorites, DarkZero (DZ) and TSM. Led by the exceptional in-game leaders (IGLs) ImperialHal and Zer0, these teams boast consistent performance and strong team foundations.
  • With players like Reps and Verhulst for TSM, and Genburten and Sikezz for DZ, they have dominated LAN events with their skill and chemistry. Will they maintain their dominance in the matchpoint format of the playoffs?

2. Luminosity Gaming: Sweetdreams’ Quest for Victory

NRG Sweetdreams

  • Luminosity Gaming, under the leadership of Sweet, is a team to watch out for. Sweet, hailed as one of the best IGLs in Apex, brings consistency and strategic depth to the team. Alongside Fuhhnq and Slayr, this revamped roster is looking formidable. Can they translate their strong performance into a LAN victory?

3. Team Liquid Alienware (formerly Legacy): Returning Giants

2023 09 09 ALGS Year 3 Championship 1443 Joe Brady X51 1


  • Team Liquid’s roster, composed of YanYa, Neazul, and Jaguares, promises a strong showing. With extensive LAN experience and a solid chemistry developed over the years, this team is a force to be reckoned with. Liquid’s return to the Apex pro scene adds further intrigue to their performance.

4. Definitely Not Moist: Rising Threats

Moist Apex e1710698505734

  • Despite visa issues sidelining Emtee and Wxltzy, Definitely Not Moist (formerly Moist Esports) remains a formidable opponent. With Gild leading the charge alongside Australian pros, they are determined to make their mark at the playoffs.

5. Fnatic: APAC North Powerhouse


  • Fnatic, boasting players like satuki, Lykq, and YukaF, showcases exceptional mechanical skill. This APAC North team is a favorite to secure a spot in the finals with their aggressive playstyle.

6. Virtus.pro and Spacestation Gaming: Veteran Presence

APEX2.0 CHAMPIONSHIP DAY 4 4176 JOE BRADY X2 1024x682 1 1

  • Keep an eye on Virtus.pro and Spacestation Gaming, featuring players like Sharky, Phony, and Xynew. The return of Sharky adds excitement to VP’s lineup, while SSG’s consistent placements make them a team to watch.

7. Tom Yum Kung: Aggressive Playstyle

Iron Blood Gaming Z1CKKY

  • Tom Yum Kung, formerly Iron Blood Gaming, is underrated yet potent. With a history of high placements and aggressive gameplay, they pose a threat to other regions.

Predictions and Expectations

The ALGS 2024 Split One Playoffs are poised to deliver thrilling matchups and intense competition. While DZ and TSM remain favorites, teams like Luminosity Gaming and Team Liquid are eager to upset the status quo. With roster changes and new talent emerging, the playoffs promise excitement and unpredictability.


Prepare for an action-packed tournament as the top Apex Legends teams battle it out for supremacy in the Split One Playoffs. Whether it’s the established giants or rising stars, expect intense matches and unforgettable moments in the quest for the championship.

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