Anichess Partners with Team Secret as It Prepares to Launch PvP Platform

Anichess Partners with Team Secret as It Prepares to Launch PvP Platform

20. May 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

Anichess, the innovative Web3 game designed to modernize the chess experience, has announced a partnership with Team Secret, one of the most renowned esports organizations.

This game, co-created by the iconic world chess champion Magnus Carlsen, is gearing up to launch its player-versus-player (PvP) platform, combining traditional chess values with spells and vibrant graphics.

Team Secret Partnership

The collaboration with Team Secret strengthens Anichess’s goal to establish itself in the esports industry. Team Secret will bring its expertise and leadership in esports to evolve Anichess, making it more competitive and appealing to players.

Chess holds a special place in esports, and with Anichess, we are excited to take this ancient game to new heights,” said John Yao, CEO of Team Secret.


Chess Resurgence in Esports

Since 2022, chess has seen a resurgence in popularity within the esports industry, with platforms like reaching significant milestones. Anichess, developed in collaboration with, adds a rich narrative and innovative elements that promise to captivate both novice and veteran players.

Brian Chan, head of Anichess, expressed his excitement: “We look forward to all competitors embracing the challenge when our PvP platform launches soon.

Anichess 1

The Future of Digital Chess

This strategic move not only underscores the evolution of chess in the digital realm but also anticipates an era where chess tournaments can rival the largest esports events. Guided by Team Secret, Anichess is well-positioned to revolutionize how chess is perceived and played in the modern world.

anichess2 750x430 1


Anichess’s partnership with Team Secret marks a significant step towards blending traditional chess with modern esports excitement. As the PvP platform launch approaches, the future looks bright for Anichess, promising a unique and engaging experience for players around the world.