Winners and Losers of Patch 7.34d in Dota 2: Detailed Analysis of Win Rate Statistics

Winners and Losers of Patch 7.34d in Dota 2: Detailed Analysis of Win Rate Statistics

9. October 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

Luna: The Rising Star of Patch 7.34d

Since the launch of patch 7.34d, Luna has seen a noticeable improvement in her performance on the Dota 2 battlefield. With a 3.5% increase in her win rate, she now stands at a 50% win rate, positioning herself as the heroine with the most significant increase following the mentioned update.

Vengeful Spirit: From Obscurity to Glory

Vengeful Spirit has experienced a meteoric rise following the arrival of patch 7.34d, becoming the most sought-after hero in the upper matchmaking brackets, specifically in those with an MMR exceeding seven thousand points. With over 1600 games played, this heroine has achieved a win rate of 48.7%. Certainly, a figure reflecting her impact on the battlefield.

vengeful spirit

Phantom Assassin: A Shadow in Decline

Not all heroes experienced the same favorable fate as Luna after the patch’s arrival. Phantom Assassin is a clear example of this. This hero witnessed a worrying reduction in her win rate, dropping by five and a half points to settle at 48%. A figure that has undoubtedly alarmed fans and players who often choose this character.

Pangolier and Sven: The Affected of 7.34d

The duo Pangolier and Sven also couldn’t escape the repercussions of 7.34d. Both saw a similar drop in their performance statistics. With declines of 3.6% and 3.5% in their win rates, respectively, they rank among the heroes most impacted by the game’s recent modifications.


Changes in Patch 7.34d: A General Overview

In this update, the Dota 2 team decided to make significant adjustments to balance the game. They modified various artifacts and over 50 characters, including well-known names such as Invoker, Phantom Assassin, and Pangolier. These changes reflect the developers’ continuous search for balance and improvement, aiming to provide a more equitable and challenging gaming experience for all players.

Adapt to Changes

For Dota 2 players, it’s essential to stay informed about the continuous updates and adjustments that developers implement in the game. Understanding the implications of these changes can make the difference between winning or losing a match. It’s advisable to visit reliable portals like Stratz to get comprehensive details about the statistics and adapt strategies based on current trends.