An Apex Legends team arrives incognito at a level two tournament

An Apex Legends team arrives incognito at a level two tournament

31. May 2023 by miranda angeles

The Challengers Circuit recently took place; this is the ultimate stage for Apex Legends level two players to show all their skills. The winning teams of this tournament get a place in the Pro League.

However, one team that participated in the tournament quit voluntarily, going unnoticed in the EMEA Challenger Circuit. Apparently, the team wanted to continue competing with lower-level teams; however, the team was exposed last week.

Heroez disintegrates after Split Two EMEA Challenger Circuit Final

The team that wanted to fly under the radar at the Split Two EMEA Challenger Circuit was Heroez. However, at the end of the tournament, many players made public allegations accusing Heroez players of smurfing against many teams.

Following the accusations, Florent “Faco” Thery, Tobias “BaByLoNs” Dévérité, and Quentin “Klemmy” Etienne have been fired.

This trio of players previously competed under “FromNowhere” and achieved a fifth position in the EMEA Split Two Pro League. So this team managed to participate in the Challenger circuit for the Pro League. However, the results were not as expected, and they finished in the 27th position, so they did not get a place in the Split Two LAN.

Now the team would have two months to train and improve to get a place in the next competitive ALGS LAN event in 2022-2023.

The Heroez roster would presumably continue to compete in ALGS tournaments, using a new team name and alias to compete in the Challenger Circuit. Apparently, this fact was allegedly unknown to the general public and apparently to their organization.

A player comments on social networks about his personal experience

Nicolas “Amaazz” Sageot, a player of the Infinite team, recently commented on social networks about his personal experience in the third Challenger Circuit. The player narrates how his experience in the tournament was completely ruined as a squad had fallen on his team every round. As a result, Amaazz and his team finished that game without scoring a single point.

After suffering that defeat, Amaazz claims that he started an investigation on Belial, as he suspected he was a professional player. In his investigation, he verified his suspicions; he was dealing with a professional player. Furthermore, seeing Belial’s Steam, he saw that his last name was BaByLoNs.

Amaazz got screenshots from Discord and Twitch, proving that BaByLoNs was playing outside the Pro League. Additionally, this player used different aliases and alternative names.

Thanks to this report by Amaazz, coaches, and players have reacted to the news empathetically with those teams affected by these players. In addition, this report calls for greater security for the organizers of tournaments such as the Challenger Circuit.

Despite the problems caused by these three players, Amaazz and his team managed to secure a place in the EMEA Challenger Circuit Three. However, other teams were heavily affected and were left out of that tournament. Meanwhile, FURIA head coach SeaLion offered help to the affected teams.

After the controversy, whether Heroez will keep the EMEA Challenger Circuit Three berth or if the dismissed players can play as free agents is unknown.