Amouranth surprises fans after joining Kick

Amouranth surprises fans after joining Kick

18. June 2023 by miranda angeles

Who knew? The streaming market has been very busy lately. Surprisingly, Amouranth has decided to change the platform where she streams; the content creator has switched to Kick.

For many people, it has been a complete surprise the announcement that Amouranth is joining Kick; let’s remember that a few months ago, the girl had commented that she had no plans to leave Twitch.

However, Kick has given a strong blow to Twitch; just a few hours after announcing that xQc had signed a millionaire contract with the platform, it has been announced that Amouranth will also debut on Kick.

Amouranth Leaves Twitch Behind and Joins Kick

The well-known streamer and content creator announced her arrival on Kick in a video linked to the shocking xQc news. In Amouranth’s video, she pretends to phone her agent after reading the shocking news of the $100 million Kick and xQc deal published by the New York Times. The streamer asks her agent if she can have a deal like the one xQc has made.

Details on how much money Amouranth will receive for her deal with Kick, as well as how long the deal is for, are unknown. However, many speculate that the deal may have a figure similar to xQc’s.

On the other hand, details about the exclusivity terms have also not been disclosed. But looking at the agreement signed by xQc, the American streamer’s contract likely does not prevent her from doing broadcasts on different platforms. If every single detail of the deal between Amouranth and Kick is finally made public, we will update the news.

In any case, the Evening of the Year will not be affected by its union with Kick. One of the fighters that evening is Amouranth, and it doesn’t appear his new platform will prevent him from participating in the event. Amouranth will have access to create all kinds of material related to the tournament when it ends and even before. Although, the girl will not be able to stream it live as other fighters could.

Changes in the content created by Amouranth

The content created by Amouranth tends to be very varied, although most of it always acts at the limit of what is allowed on Twitch. However, at the moment, there are no indications that the content creator will change the type of content in its Kick streams. However, we still have to wait to see if she changes her content.

The young content creator has wasted no time; after announcing that she has joined Kick, she can go live on her channel. The servers worked well, allowing all Amouranth fans to see the girl. The same didn’t happen with xQc; when the streamer started to do his broadcast, the servers crashed completely, and in some regions, the broadcast was down several times.