America’s Cup Launches Official Video Game and Embarks on Esports World

America’s Cup Launches Official Video Game and Embarks on Esports World

10. April 2024 by Never

America’s Cup, the legendary international sailing competition, ventures into the virtual realm with the release of its official simulation video game, AC Sailing, along with its inaugural esports world championship, America’s Cup E-series. Additionally, enthusiasts can follow the regatta on the official Twitch channel.

AC Sailing: Revolutionizing the Future of Sailing in Esports

AC Sailing has been developed utilizing the same physics engine employed in simulators used by America’s Cup teams to enhance race tactics, recreate race scenarios, and test design concepts for their racing yachts. This game is poised to revolutionize the future of sailing in esports, providing an opportunity for fans worldwide, regardless of age or background, to engage in the oldest competition in the sport.

Grant Dalton, CEO of America’s Cup Event, expressed, “Creating a video game based on a simulator utilized by our sailors and designers in the real world of America’s Cup has been a significant challenge. Players can now experience America’s Cup sailing as close to reality as ever before.”

Ultra-realistic Gameplay

AC Sailing allows players to take control of high-tech AC40 sailboats and compete against others in stunning online regattas, as well as hone their skills in time trial and practice modes. The game features real-life locations such as Barcelona, the venue for the 37th America’s Cup, and the authentic colors of the iconic AC40s of America’s Cup.

A Culmination of Innovation

This game represents over a decade of research and development by Emirates Team New Zealand, the current defender of the America’s Cup, which aided the team in winning and retaining the cup in the last two editions.

Dan Bernasconi, Technical Director of Emirates Team New Zealand, stated, “By combining ultra-realistic gameplay with truly faithful graphics, we can transport players to the action of the sea, allowing them to experience the thrill and complexity of sailing as if they were competition athletes.”

America’s Cup E-Series: Charting a New Course in Competitive Gaming

The America’s Cup E-Series will enable players worldwide to compete against each other and become legends in this new era of America’s Cup. The E-Series will consist of online qualifiers and a grand final taking place in Barcelona in September, on dates yet to be confirmed.

Driving Innovation with Partnerships

The development of the official America’s Cup video game has been supported by ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness of the Government of Catalonia, which facilitated the participation of a Catalan studio in the game’s creation.

Roger Torrent i Ramió, Minister of Business and Employment of the Government of Catalonia, emphasized, “Hosting a global event like the America’s Cup offers us the opportunity to showcase Catalonia’s emerging potential in sectors such as gaming.”

Set Sail for Adventure: AC Sailing Now Available on PC with Exciting Updates Ahead

AC Sailing is available for free download on PC via the Epic Store and Steam platforms, with in-game purchases available. The game will be updated with new content in the coming months, including additional locations, skins, and a single-player match-race with AI.