Ally Expands Partnership with Rocket League to Offer More Opportunities for Female Players

Ally Expands Partnership with Rocket League to Offer More Opportunities for Female Players

27. March 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a bid to foster inclusivity and equality in esports, financial services holding company Ally Financial has announced an extension of its partnership with Rocket League Esports, operated by BLAST.

The collaboration aims to provide enhanced opportunities for female gamers by organizing three exclusive tournaments and one major event throughout the year, boasting a combined prize pool of $75,000. Spanning across North America and Europe, these initiatives underscore Ally’s commitment to championing diversity in competitive gaming.

Advancing Gender Equality in Esports

The continued investment by Ally Financial in the realm of esports is part of the company’s broader initiative to achieve gender parity in both male and female competitive disciplines, including esports.

Building upon its initial foray into esports sponsorship, which commenced in February last year, Ally has forged collaborations across various gaming titles such as Fortnite, Animal Crossing, and Minecraft.

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Empowering Female Gamers

Ally’s presence will be prominently felt in the Star Showdown Chasers tournament series, quarterly competitions designed to showcase the talents of the top female teams in each region.

Kicking off in April, these tournaments serve as a platform for female gamers to excel and make their mark in the Rocket League Esports scene. Additionally, Ally will feature in the broadcasts of RLCS North American Open Qualifiers, Copenhagen Major, London Major, and World Championship events, further amplifying its support for gender diversity in esports.

A Vision for the Future

“We have some exciting plans lined up for 2024 as we seek to deepen our sponsorship with Ally by focusing even more on providing a platform for women to excel in esports and gaming,” remarked Alexander Lewin, Senior Vice President of Commercial Revenue at BLAST.

“Ally’s commitment to creating opportunities for women in Rocket League Esports is unwavering, and we are extremely proud to support this ambition through the delivery of four fantastic tournaments for both the North American and European regions.”

This announcement comes just days before the commencement of the first Major 2024 event in Copenhagen on March 28. Yesterday, the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) also confirmed its return to London, at the Copperbox Arena, from June 20 to 23, for its second Major of the 2024 season.

Ally Womens Open Rocket League


As Ally Financial extends its partnership with Rocket League Esports, the esports community eagerly anticipates a future marked by increased opportunities and inclusivity for female gamers.

With a robust lineup of tournaments and events planned for 2024, Ally’s dedication to fostering gender equality in esports continues to make a profound impact on the gaming landscape.

As the Rocket League Esports scene prepares for its upcoming major events, the stage is set for female gamers to shine and inspire the next generation of esports enthusiasts.

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