All You Need to Know About Elite League Dota 2

All You Need to Know About Elite League Dota 2

6. March 2024 by Never

Dota 2 enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the latest tier 1 tournament, Elite League. With a staggering million-dollar prize pool, this online event organized by FISSURE and ESB (Electronic Sports Broadcasting) promises to deliver top-tier competition to the gaming community. Let’s delve into the details of Elite League and what it has in store for fans.

Participating Teams

Elite League will see the participation of 24 teams vying for glory. Eight teams have received direct invitations to Group Stage 2, while the remaining sixteen, comprising six invited teams and ten from qualifiers, will battle it out in Group Stage 1. The lineup includes renowned names like Team Liquid, LGD Gaming, and Team Spirit, among others.

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Eight direct invites in Elite League. (via Liquipedia)

Elite League Dates and Schedule

Mark your calendars! Elite League is scheduled to kick off on March 31, 2024, and will run until April 15, 2024. The action-packed event comprises two Group Stages and the thrilling Playoffs. Group Stage 1 commences on March 31 and concludes on April 4, followed by Group Stage 2 from April 5 to 11. The Playoffs will culminate the tournament from April 13 to 15.

Tournament Format

Elite League features a comprehensive format designed to test the skills and strategies of participating teams. The tournament consists of three stages: the Swiss Stage (Group Stage 1), Round-Robin Group Stage (Group Stage 2), and the Playoffs.

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 Sixteen teams  in Elite League. (via Liquipedia)

During the Swiss Stage, sixteen teams engage in intense battles in a best-of-three format, with only the top eight progressing to the next phase. The Round-Robin Group Stage witnesses two groups competing in a best-of-two round-robin format.

The top two teams from each group advance to the upper bracket of the Playoffs, while the 3rd and 4th teams drop to the lower bracket. The Playoffs feature a standard best-of-three double-elimination format, with the grand finals showcasing a best-of-five showdown.

FISSURE and ESB Collaboration

FISSURE, an Eastern European tournament organizer renowned for its rapid rise in the esports scene, joins forces with ESB, a prominent organizer in the South American Dota 2 pro scene. This collaboration promises to elevate Elite League to new heights, following FISSURE’s successful hosting of events like BetBoom Dacha Dubai, the first LAN tournament of 2024.

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Redefining Dota 2 Competitions: Inside the Elite League

Elite League emerges as a premier Dota 2 tournament, offering fans thrilling matches and fierce competition. With its impressive lineup of teams, meticulous tournament format, and the collaborative efforts of FISSURE and ESB, Elite League is set to captivate esports enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for the action-packed showdown!