All the details of Warzone 2 Ranked Play

All the details of Warzone 2 Ranked Play

11. May 2023 by miranda angeles

The developers of CoD: Warzone 2 have been responsible for bringing a lot of new content, such as new weapons and the new DMZ map. Furthermore, with the new update comes a new game mode long awaited by the gaming community since it will significantly improve the competitiveness of each Battle Royale confrontation.

The new mode is Ranked Play, which comes to the game in a beta version in the reloaded update. The full version is expected to arrive in the game for season 4 in June.

The beta version of Ranked Play has some restrictions. However, it will allow the game developers to get data for Ranked Play. Best of all, details of how the ranking will work and what the divisions will be like are already known.

All the details of the beta version of the Ranked Play mode of Warzone 2

Ranking by player skills

The ranking of the game will be done by skills, where all players will start with the Bronze I skill and 0 SR. Then, as they play games, they will gain SR according to their performance, which their kills will determine, assists, and the time they have resisted the rival teams.

It is important to note that the SR awarded to each player will be the same for assistance as for elimination. But that is not all. The SR is also modified as each elimination takes place.

More than 21 squads in the game:

  • 5 SR for each kill/assist
  • 2 SR per teammate elimination

3 to 20 squads in the game

  • 7 SR for each kill/assistance
  • 3 SR per teammate elimination

From 1 to 3 squads in the game

  • 15 SR for each kill/assistance
  • 7 SR per teammate elimination

On the other hand, when the player’s squad is eliminated, he will earn SR at the end of each game. At the same time, each player can follow his scores through the game tracker, which can be displayed while the player is alive or watching his teammates play.

After the game, the overall ranking is displayed in the action report. Depending on the position in which the team finishes, it will also earn SR.

  • Top 40: 5 SR
  • Top 30: 10 SR
  • Top 20: 20 SR
  • Top 10: 30 SR
  • Top 5: 45 SR
  • 3rd position: 60 SR
  • 2nd position: 80 SR
  • 1st position: 100 SR

Subtraction of takeoff quota

It is important to note that each player in each game of Warzone 2 has a takeoff quota subtracted from the total SR. So to advance to the next division, players must gain more skill than the takeoff quota.

Takeoff quota:

Bronze (I to III): No takeoff quota.


  • I: Minus 10 SR
  • II: Minus 14 SR
  • III: Minus 18 SR


  • I: Minus 23 SR
  • II: Minus 28 SR
  • III: Minus 33 SR


  • I: Minus 39 SR
  • II: Minus 45 SR
  • III: Minus 51 SR


  • I: Minus 58 SR
  • II: Minus 65 SR
  • III: Minus 72 SR


  • I: Minus 80 SR
  • II: Minus 90 SR
  • III: Minus 100 SR

Iridescent: Minus 110 SR

Player Skills

Players must reach a certain SR milestone to advance each skill in the game.

SR requirements for each of the skills

  • Bronze is the starting skill
  • Silver: Players need 900 SR
  • Gold: Players need 2100 SR
  • Platinum: Players need 3600 SR
  • Diamond: Players need 5400 SR
  • Crimson: Players need 7500 SR
  • Iridescent: Players need 10000 SR
  • Top 250: Players need 10000 SR