All the details of TwitchCon Paris

All the details of TwitchCon Paris

10. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Twitch has signed up for Stories and Discover Feed for community engagement with content creators as a new way to communicate with each other.

Soon, Twitch will offer more than just streaming on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices running Android and iOS. Amazon decided it was time for offline streaming with Stories and Discover.

All the details of TwitchCon Paris

The best time to announce the platform’s new features was during TwitchCon Paris 2023. Twitch executives presented the new Stories feature for content creators at this event. This allows content creators to stay connected with their fans when not broadcasting. Twitch’s Stories are similar to Instagram’s in that they will appear on the app for 24 hours and disappear.

According to the announcements made by Twitch executives, the Stories novelty is coming to the platform in October. This novelty will be under the Twitch community’s guidelines to ensure streamers’ safety.

On the other hand, it has also been reported that the Discovery Feed function will arrive on Twitch. This is a list to browse through in the Twitch app with short clips of live streamers. The goal is to improve how users discover or come across other streamers on the platform.

But that’s not all. Twitch has plans to improve the clip editor. This way, content creators can have access on mobile and perhaps be able to do direct export of clips to TikTok. Although many of these updates focus on mobile, Twitch does not intend to replace traditional social networks.

Other new features coming to Twitch

The keynote also mentioned other improvements, such as advertising, a controversial topic for some streamers for its overly invasive cuts. So, Twitch has created a countdown tool in the chat to notify content creators and fans of the appearance of an ad.

In addition, another new feature coming to Twitch is that moderators will also be able to share comments on why they have blocked a particular account. In this way, moderators can ensure the safety of streams with this additional approach, in addition to exchanging information about the block.

But that’s not all. A new “Shield Mode” feature is also included in the notifications. Streamers can block out-of-place notifications with that new feature, especially when many comments negatively.

Comments on TwitchCon Paris

According to VP of Product Jeremy Forrester, Twitch does not intend to compete against Instagram or TikTok. Forrester assures that they don’t want to build a platform where people will use it for one hour daily. Then he assures that what they want to do, is to be able to help content creators expand their database, so they are going to implement tools to make communication much more comfortable.

On the other hand, Jeremy Forrester has commented that for Twitch, live streaming will always be at the center of what the platform does. Then he adds that many streamers must encourage their subscribers to follow them on other social networks. This way, content creators can stay in touch with their fans without live streaming.

Forrester goes on to say that they want to be able to create a much more complete platform. They also want to be able to help streamers grow their live broadcasts and interact with their audience.