All the details of the Warzone 2 WSOW 2023

All the details of the Warzone 2 WSOW 2023

25. May 2023 by miranda angeles

World Series is one of the biggest Warzone 2 competitions in the battle royale genre. This 2023 WSOW has not had the expected start, as it had to be postponed from its initial date due to problems with the game servers.

However, the problems have been solved, and this important Warzone 2 event will start next week. That’s why we are telling you all the details of the Warzone 2 WSOW 2023 today.

All the details of Warzone 2 WSOW 2023

Warzone 2 WSOW 2023 Schedule

According to the information revealed by the tournament organizers, this year, there are two categories:

  • The qualifiers
  • The regional finals

Each of the qualifiers will be played separately in Europe and North America.

Official schedules for the first phase of the tournament


  • Qualifiers: June 1, 7:00 pm CEST.
  • Regional Finals: June 8, 7:00 pm CEST.

North America

  • Qualifiers: May 31 at 7:00 pm CEST.
  • Regional Finals: June 7, 7:00 pm CEST.

Phase two of the World Series of Warzone is scheduled to begin in late June and early July. At the same time, the Last Chance Qualifiers are scheduled to begin in late July.

Last but not least, the championship match of the competition will take place in September this year.

Warzone 2 WSOW 2023 match format

This year’s Warzone 2 WSOW 2023 rules will be based on Warzone Ranked; moreover, the organizers have included additional rules for the tournament.

Among the additional rules, players are prohibited from using the Heavy Chopper vehicle. In addition, in-game activities such as Fire Sales, Champion’s Quests, and Jailbreaks are prohibited.

Now, the tournament will be played in trios; the squads can play many games; however, the score of the best ten duels will be counted. This will determine the 50 best teams that advance to phase one of the tournament, then the best 25 advance to the regional finals.

On the other hand, in the regional finals of phase one, 25 teams invited by Activision, plus the 25 qualified teams, will compete.

For the regional finals of phase 2, the best 25 teams from the phase one final will qualify. The top 25 teams from the Phase 2 open games will face the final 25 teams in the Phase 2 playoffs, where the top 25 teams will battle to advance to the regional finals.

To conclude the Warzone 2 WSOW 2023, the top 20 teams from Europe will be battling the top 20 teams from North America. In addition, they will be battling teams from Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, ANZ, and MEA.

Where can you watch Warzone 2 WSOW 2023?

All Warzone 2 fans can watch every match on the official CoD Twitch channel. Many participants are also expected to do live broadcasts on both YouTube and Twitch; however, player broadcasts may be delayed.