All the details of the MSI 2023

All the details of the MSI 2023

25. April 2023 by miranda angeles

In a very short time, the MSI 2023 will start, so we will bring you all the information about this international competition, where it will be held, the dates, and the teams qualified for the tournament.

Most of the LoL leagues worldwide are about to conclude the Spring Split. Little by little, we are getting to know the different aspects of this awaited international event, which has suffered some alterations about what we are used to.

However, after a few weeks of waiting, we already have the list of all the teams that will be present and will fight to be crowned champions in the MSI 2023.

If you want to know all the details of the first international LoL tournament, read on.

All the details of MSI 2023

Riot Games has been responsible for releasing the first details associated with this important event. The first step will be to wait for the conclusion of all the major LoL leagues in the world. Then we will know the full lineup of competitors in the tournament. After all the leagues end, players will have a few weeks of rest, and then MSI 2023 begins.

When does the MSI 2023 take place?

This year’s MSI will take place from May 2nd to May 25th. So for 23 days, we will witness intense battles, especially since teams such as Gen.G or T1, the two Korean league champions, will participate.

Where is MSI 2023 taking place?

The first international LoL event is being held in the United Kingdom. The event will occur primarily in London, at the Copper Box Arena. This arena can host 7,500 spectators.


During this year’s MSI, there will be two different phases in terms of format. The first will be the Play-Ins, which will include eight teams divided into two groups. There will not be a league for these matches, but they will go directly to a group stage.

Three teams will advance from this group, two from the regular format and one from a last-chance playoff. The losers of groups A and B finals will play each other. Each series will be a best of three games.

After this first phase, the group phase will begin, in which eight teams will also participate. However, there will be two elimination rounds this time, giving each team a second chance if it loses the first round, and a best-of-five match will be played.

The winner’s team that has won all five matches will play the final against the team from the losers’ team that made it to the final.

Qualifying teams

It is known that each major league, such as the LCK, LEC, LCS, and LPL, will have two teams representing them. So now, we have to wait for the tournament to start since all the teams have already qualified.

For the Play-In

  • Bilibili Gaming from China
  • Golden Guardians from NA
  • G2 Esports from EMEA
  • PSG Talon from PCS
  • DetonatioN FocusMe from Japan
  • GAM Esports of Vietnam
  • LOUD from Brazil
  • Movistar R7 from LATAM

For the group stage

  • G from Korea
  • T1 of Korea
  • JD Gaming of China
  • MAD Lions of EMEA
  • Cloud9 of NA
  • Play-In Qualifiers: Winner of Group A, Winner of Group B, and Winner of Last Chance Qualifier