All the details of the LoL NA Legends Invitational

All the details of the LoL NA Legends Invitational

21. August 2023 by miranda angeles

The LoL NA Legends Invitational, organized by Disguised Toast in collaboration with the LCS, was recently announced. Today we bring you all the details about this event, from the dates it is being held, the prize pool, the rosters participating, and many additional details.

LoL NA Legends Invitational

The 2023 LCS Summer Split has already crowned the champion team. The winner this season was NRG. With the crowning of this team also came the announcement of an event to be held in the off-season. This event is the LoL NA Legends Invitational, designed to honor the legacy and future of the American LoL League.

This fun tournament will be hosted by Disguised Toast. It is designed to bring together the greatest players in North America. The LoL NA Legends Invitational will feature big stars from the LCS and the NACL, plus content creators and former professional LCS players will be invited.

Many people may wonder why Toast is one of the tournament’s organizers. If we consider the great popularity of the last NACL showdown organized by Toast to make the presentation of its lineup, it is logical that Riot Games wants to work with him to hold the first tournament of its kind.

Details of the LoL NA Legends Invitational

Without a doubt, the LoL NA Legends Invitational will be a tournament worth watching. Not only will the best current players be there, but veterans will be there to show what they are capable of. You should watch the calendar if you do not want to miss any clashes.

LoL NA Legends Invitational Schedule

The tournament will take place on September 16 and 17. If you don’t want to miss a second of the competition, tune in to the Disguised Toast channel on Twitch, where each match will be broadcast. All broadcasts will be in charge of the professional commentators Azael and CaptainFlowers.

On the other hand, a live drafting event will be held on September 3 to choose the players participating in the LoL NA Legends Invitational.

Captains and their teams for the LoL NA Legends Invitational

So far, it is unknown who will be all the players participating in the LoL NA Legends Invitational. However, we already know the players who will be the captains of the four teams.

No teams have made their full announcements yet. But we do know who will headline the four starting lineups.


  • Scarra
  • Yassuo
  • Aphromoo
  • Sneaky

These captains can choose three streamers, one LCS pro player, and one NACL pro player to form their team.

LoL NA Legends Invitational Prize Pool

So far, we only know that the prize pool is $10K. However, no details about how the cash prizes will be distributed have been revealed. In addition, it has been reported that the crowned champion team will take home a pair of fully customized Vi Gauntlets by Hoku Props.