All the details of the Esports Awards 2023

All the details of the Esports Awards 2023

2. June 2023 by miranda angeles

The Esports Awards, the awards ceremony for the esports industry, is celebrating its eighth edition this year and is scheduled to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About the Esports Awards

The Esports Awards were created in 2015 to recognize and reward the best in the world; it is the most renowned event in this industry.

The event organizers pay tribute to the best esports players, teams, and organizations through a prestigious ceremony. Likewise, streamers and other significant industry figures are also honored.

Details of the Esports Awards 2023

On November 29-30, 2023, Las Vegas will host the Esports Awards ceremony again. However, for this eighth edition, the ceremony will have a format change.

The organizers of the Esports Awards have revealed that this year’s ceremony will have a self-nomination format. All B2B professionals and media involved in esports can self-nominate.

With this format change, the event organizers seek to facilitate the submission of nominations. This way, there can be many winners who will not depend on the number of followers.

On the other hand, the Esports Awards have allied with the series 5GRV: Gamers on the Road. The reality series will include the esports industry awards in its second season. But that’s not all; the show will feature the lives of three streamers. In addition, the three streamers will be in charge of giving the Esports Host of the Year award.

At the same time, the most popular categories of the Esports Awards will be present in the eighth edition. We are discussing Esports Personality of the Year, Esports Organization of the Year, and Esports Game of the Year.

On the other hand, according to the information revealed by the organizers of the Esports Awards, this year, for the first time, the Scholars will be honored. Moreover, the best college players of the different esports will be awarded in the ceremony.

Now, from July 1 to 7, all nominations for the different awards of the ceremony will be accepted.

Comments on the eighth Esports Award ceremony

The CEO of the Esports Awards, Mike Ashford, has commented that the organizers of the ceremony are very excited to be able to continue this beautiful tradition. In addition, he states that it is very important to recognize and reward all those people and organizations that do their best every day. Ashford comments that the awards are a way to honor the industry that fulfills many people’s dreams every day.

On the other hand, Ashford comments that, for this new edition, they have included the Scholars as a method of recognizing all the potential of esports players and organizations in the collegiate scene. In this way, new talent can be recognized.