All the details of the Collegiate Fortnite Cup CCA

All the details of the Collegiate Fortnite Cup CCA

15. April 2023 by miranda angeles

By the end of April, one of the most awaited cups by students will take place. But, of course, we are talking about the Collegiate Fortnite Cup CCA, where all players can demonstrate all their power and skills within the game.

In two weeks, all Fortnite fans will see the best collegiate players fight for a part of the important prize pool.

Continue reading to know all the CCA Collegiate Fortnite Cup details.

All the details of the Collegiate Fortnite Cup CCA

The Fortnite CCA cup held in April is already on everyone’s radar, as it will kick off in a few days. The cups the CCA hold are very important to Fortnite athletes from the collegiate environment, allowing them to participate in large prize pools.

The CCA has been characterized by organizing tournaments where players compete players, demonstrating that students have incredible potential in the world of Fortnite esports.

Fortnite Collegiate Cup Format

The event organizers have decided to have the duo play in Build-Zero game mode for this month’s collegiate cup.

This format has already been used for tournaments in some events held in the CCA. However, playing in duos is the first time it has been implemented for this type of cup.

So it will be very interesting to see how the athletes perform together with their battle partners. Each pair will show what they are made of and fight to win the cup and a share of the prize purse.

Fortnite Collegiate Cup Prize Pool

The cup held this month features a significant prize pool, which reaches the amount of $25k. We are talking about a large cash prize pool where only 100 couples will reach the final phase and fight to get their hands on a share of the prize. For the final phase, a great show is expected to be given to all Fortnite fans; only the best couples will manage to qualify.

Where can you watch the Fortnite collegiate cup?

The Fortnite collegiate cup in April is a large-scale cup with a significant prize pool; it will also be live-streamed so that all fans can follow second by second their favorite players.

Everyone who wants to enjoy the Fortnite Collegiate Cup in April can watch it on the official CCA Twitch channel.

But not only the final phase of the event will be available to watch, and everyone interested in following the second qualifiers for the cup can watch it on CasterLash’s Twitch channel on April 18.