All the details of the Call of Duty League Champs Pack 2023

All the details of the Call of Duty League Champs Pack 2023

20. May 2023 by miranda angeles

One of the most important Call of Duty gaming competitions is the League. The CDL is in week two of the qualifying phase V, where OpTic Texas is in the lead. All fans of the game greatly enjoy each of the intense and exciting games; however, they value even more the CDL packs that are released right now.

Keep reading if you want to know every detail in the new 2023 Call of Duty League Champs Pack.

All the details of the Call of Duty League Champs Pack 2023

This time, the Call of Duty League 2023 Champs Pack has great content, such as new cosmetics, accessories, calling cards, and emblems. A new operator skin is also included, but that’s not all; two weapon maps are also included in the pack.

Items included in the Call of Duty League Champs Pack

“King,” the new operator skin

This new skin in the pack completely lives up to its name. So the operator wears a crown, fur coats, and some jewelry to have the style of a king. So it can be said that this new skin is elegant and adds a touch of class, and will allow users to show off their reign.

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New weapon blueprints

As we mentioned earlier, this pack includes two weapon blueprints. The first available blueprint is the M4, which is an assault rifle; this rifle is named “Diamond” as it incorporates diamond and gold in the design. The second shot is of the MCPR 300, also known as Rubies. Again, this gun incorporates rubies in its design, which is why that nickname knows it.

Emblems, accessories, and calling cards


  • “Crown”

Weapon stickers

  • “Take The Throne”

Calling cards

  • “TAKE THE L”
  • “Chase The Bag”

Other Call of Duty League Champs Pack items

Finishing Move

  • Lights Out


  • Gold Flake/Riches

Death Effect

  • Spontaneous Wealth

How much does the Call of Duty League Champs Pack cost?

All CoD users who wish to purchase this pack must invest 2,400 COD, equivalent to $19.99. Therefore, it can be said this pack is excellent value for money and an excellent choice for gamers looking for luxury items.

Undoubtedly all the content of the CDL is enjoyed by all fans of the game, both the games and the packs. First, however, remember that Los Angeles Thieves won this year’s Call of Duty League Major IV.

On the other hand, OpTic Texas leads the classification of phase V, and from May 25, we will be able to enjoy Major V. So, in a few days, the whole community will be able to enjoy incredible games.