ALGS Rule Change: A New Era for Multiple Team Ownership

ALGS Rule Change: A New Era for Multiple Team Ownership

21. December 2023 by Valentin Pasetti

In a surprising yet significant move, the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) has amended a pivotal rule in its rulebook, which previously restricted organizations from owning multiple teams in the league. The elimination of rule 2.3.4 marks a notable change in the competitive landscape of ALGS.

The Controversy and Impact of the Old Rule

The now-removed rule 2.3.4 had been a source of contention, leading to tough choices for several organizations, notably Kungarna. This rule mandated that:

  • Multiple teams could not represent the same organization.
  • Teams could not represent an organization with direct or indirect control over another in any event.

The constraints posed by this rule led to confusion and challenges, especially in the case of Complexity and FaZe Clan, sharing the same ownership structure.

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New Opportunities Unlocked

The revocation of this rule opens numerous possibilities:

  • Increased Team Participation: Organizations can now field multiple rosters, potentially increasing the diversity and number of teams participating, especially in regions beyond North America.
  • Global Expansion: Powerhouses like TSM could have a presence in multiple regions, bolstering the esports ecosystem and offering more players opportunities.
  • Less Pressure on Smaller Region Teams: Players in smaller regions can remain in their native region without the pressure to move, as organizations can now sign additional teams elsewhere.
  • Clarification on Content Creator Teams: The change also resolves ambiguities surrounding teams like Tripods, who were signed as content creators for organizations with official rosters.

Silent Implementation

Interestingly, this change was implemented quietly. The updated PDF file dated December 20th, revealed no public announcement or notification regarding this amendment. The reasons for the quiet approach and the timing of the change remain unclear.

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Prospective Outcomes and Discussions

  • Enhanced Competition: This rule change could potentially intensify competition and bring in more strategic play, as organizations strategize across multiple teams.
  • Economic Implications: The move may also have financial implications, allowing organizations to spread their investments and risks across various teams and regions.
  • Community Reaction: Given its controversial history, this change is likely to be well-received, fostering a more inclusive and dynamic competitive environment.

A New Chapter for ALGS

The ALGS’s decision to allow organizations to own multiple teams marks a new chapter in the league’s history. It promises to reshape the competitive dynamics, offering more opportunities for players and organizations alike. This rule change is a step towards a more diverse and expansive ALGS ecosystem.