Alfajer is one of the favorite players of the VALORANT Champions of 2023

Alfajer is one of the favorite players of the VALORANT Champions of 2023

30. July 2023 by miranda angeles

Emir “Alfajer” Beder is one of the favorite players who will participate in the VALORANT Champions of 2023. Alfajer is one of the youngest players in this championship, but that’s not all. The young player is one of the best players in Europe.

VALORANT Champions of 2023

This year’s VALORANT Champions is about to begin, and there is only one week left until this year’s VALORANT Champions starts. And VALORANT fans are getting ready to experience every matchup between the best teams in the world.

As the championship kicks off, fans have compiled a list of the public’s favorite players participating this year. The list includes some of the best players in the European league.

Alfajer is one of the favorite players of the VALORANT Champions of 2023

Throughout 2023, Fnatic has proven to be one of the strongest organizations currently on the VALORANT competitive scene. Fnatic has proven this with their excellent results at Tokyo Masters and EMEA Championships. It is certainly an experienced lineup. However, the team this year features a rising star, Alfajer. This player is eager to start building his legacy and add another international championship to his resume.

Alfajer is the second youngest player in the VALORANT Champions 2023, and this player is only 18 years old. However, at a young age, he became a fan-favorite player. This player is one of the strongest players in the tournament, as he has amazing statistics in international tournaments.

According to information published by Liquipedia, Alfajer, during Masters 2023, obtained the fourth position for the average number of kills per map. But that’s not all. Alfajer had the highest kill ratio of the tournament.

Alfajer has excelled in international tournaments and had an excellent season in the European league. Thanks to Alfajer’s contributions to Fnatic and working with his teammates, Fnatic managed to take first place in the European championship, according to data published by VLR.GG, Alfajer had the highest kill rate in Europe.

With nerves of steel and solid confidence, Alfajer has been called the prodigal child of VALORANT. This player has shown great potential to achieve great things throughout his career. Alfajer is so talented that during squad tryouts with Fnatic, team manager Colin Johnson realized he had a future star in front of him.

Alfajer will try to add to his excellent collection of outstanding plays during VALORANT Champions 2023. He will also fight to win the championship with his team. Starting August 6, all VALORANT fans will be able to see Alfajer in action as he and his team try to defend their title in Los Angeles.