Aleksib Leads NAVI to Victory at CS2 Major Copenhagen, Silencing Doubters

Aleksib Leads NAVI to Victory at CS2 Major Copenhagen, Silencing Doubters

1. April 2024 by Valentin Pasetti

In a thrilling display of skill and strategy, Aleksib steered Natus Vincere (NAVI) to triumph at the PGL Copenhagen Major, securing the organization’s second Counter-Strike Major title.

Overcoming Doubts

Despite doubts from CS2 fans about NAVI’s performance leading into the tournament, Aleksib showcased his leadership in what many consider the most crucial match of his career. NAVI emerged victorious against FaZe Clan with a 2-1 scoreline, clinching wins on Ancient and Inferno.

Aleksib jL NAVI

Intense Showdown

The battle between NAVI and FaZe Clan on Ancient was fiercely contested, with momentum swinging back and forth. However, NAVI seized crucial clutch rounds, propelling them to a 13-9 victory.

FaZe responded emphatically on Mirage, leveling the series with a dominant 13-2 performance. Yet, NAVI rallied on Inferno, limiting FaZe to just three rounds in the final game to secure the championship.

Second Major Final

For Aleksib, this marked his second appearance in a Major final. Previously, he led ENCE to the final at IEM Katowice 2019 but fell short against Astralis in their quest for the trophy.

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Standout Performances

Throughout the PGL Copenhagen Major, NAVI witnessed standout performances, notably from jL, whose exceptional form in the playoffs was instrumental.

In the final match, both jL and b1t topped the scoreboard with impressive KD ratios of 46-29 and 51-34, respectively. Additionally, NAVI’s sniper, w0nderful, showcased remarkable skill, contributing significantly to their victory.

FaZe Clan’s Disappointment

Unfortunately for FaZe Clan, the final outcome brought another heartbreaking defeat on Inferno. This final marked the first full best-of-three series since the ELEAGUE Boston CS:GO Major in 2018, where FaZe suffered a similar fate, losing a critical lead against Cloud9 and ultimately the series.

Despite initial doubts, Aleksib’s leadership and NAVI’s stellar performance throughout the tournament silenced critics and cemented their place in CS2 history.

NAVI Triumphs Over FaZe to Claim Major Copenhagen Title


Aleksib’s leadership led NAVI to a resounding victory at the PGL Copenhagen Major, securing their second Counter-Strike Major title and proving doubters wrong. With standout performances from key players and strategic brilliance, NAVI’s triumph cements their legacy in CS2 history, setting the stage for future successes.