Albralelie will no longer be part of the North American TSM organization

Albralelie will no longer be part of the North American TSM organization

9. April 2023 by miranda angeles

Mac “Albralelie” Beckwith, after four years of close collaboration with the TSM organization, has decided to leave the organization in search of new opportunities. Albralelie and his competitive team are currently searching for a new organization.

Albralelie will no longer be part of the North American TSM organization

Albralelie has officially announced that he will no longer be part of the North American TSM organization. The 22-year-old has been part of TMS since 2019. He initially came to the organization to be part of the competitive players; however, he later became part of the content creators of the organization.

We can say that Albralelie has been one of the most representative players of Apex Legends, thanks to his important presence within the video game community.

The young player came to the organization and was part of the Apex squad, where Albralelie managed to win some titles leading the team to dominate the competitive scene in 2019.

Albralelie is an excellent player

Albralelie’s Apex professional playing career has been full of success, where he achieved a record of winning 19 competitions in 18 months. This dominance has never before been seen within the competitive gaming scene. But that’s not all; the team won five titles in a row.

However, in 2020 the player left the TSM team and moved to different organizations such as:

  • FaZe Clan
  • Cloud9
  • Team Liquid

However, Albralelie, despite not being part of TSM’s Apex team, kept a contract as a content creator of the organization.

Albralelie’s time with each team was successful, and has been at the top of the Apex Legends competitive scene.

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Reason for Albralelie’s departure from TSM

Albralelie, in a YouTube video posted on the TSM account, has made known the reason for his departure from the organization. The player comments that he is leaving TSM to compete with his team LANimals.

Albralelie, in the video, states that he now wants to focus on finding new opportunities for his team. He also wants to stay in shape to keep up with his LANimals teammates.

Currently, the Apex Legends competitive scene has undergone a major migration of organizations; however, it is possible that the new LANimals team could attract a major organization.

We are saying that LANimals is made up of no less than the following players:

  • Lou
  • StayNaughty
  • Albralelie

This trio of players has a mix of skills unique to Apex Legends to succeed in the competitive scene.

Albralelie says goodbye to TSM

In the video announcing Albralelie’s departure from TSM, the player is nostalgic and takes the opportunity to thank the organization for the great opportunity he was given.

Albralelie comments that TSM always allowed him to follow his dreams, and he also assures that he has been a fan of TSM for ten years. So when they made him the proposal to be part of their staff, he did not hesitate for a second.

Albralelie did a great job in TSM, and thanks to that, all the fans will always remember him of the organization.