Alamuerte Returns to WoW Classic on May 20th: A Dangerous Foe Resurfaces

Alamuerte Returns to WoW Classic on May 20th: A Dangerous Foe Resurfaces

10. April 2024 by Never

World of Warcraft Classic players are gearing up for increased adventures with the arrival of Alamuerte, the Destroyer, who will seek to thwart the missions of both Horde and Alliance members alike. Cataclysm Classic marks a new era for WoW Classic with an enhanced leveling experience, a new dungeon difficulty system, and more!

Play as the Enigmatic and Fierce Worgen:

Play as the enigmatic and fierce Worgen, the cursed citizens of Gilneas who have tamed their wild instincts, and seek allies within the Alliance.


Aid the Stranded Goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel:

Help the stranded goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel settle in their new home with the Horde after the destruction of their island nation at the hands of Alamuerte.

Explore the World Through Archaeology:

Archaeology allows players to explore excavations scattered throughout Azeroth to learn more about the long history of the world’s races and obtain rewards in the process.


Some Changes:

Cataclysm Classic will include a reduced number of features that were not available in its original 2010 version:

  • Enhanced and streamlined leveling experience: We will release content updates more frequently, so we will adjust the leveling speed to allow players to delve into the new expansion faster.
  • Expanded collections interface: This feature, first introduced in Wrath Classic, will allow managing the new account-wide transmogrification system.

Get Ready for New Adventures with Upcoming Updates in WoW Classic

All of this will be a taste of what’s to come with the upcoming updates in WoW Classic.

Allowing all users to embark on more journeys within the lands of Azeroth, enabling them to explore for hours all these places filled with enemies and creatures to acquire the best items to use in their missions.