Activision may sue any CoD player who shares access to the old version of Verdansk

Activision may sue any CoD player who shares access to the old version of Verdansk

17. September 2023 by miranda angeles

Activision has announced that it may take legal action against any CoD player who shares access to the old version of Verdansk.

Recall that Verdansk is the first and one of the most beloved maps in Warzone. However, this map has not been officially available in CoD for a few years now, and fans dream that the game developers will eventually include this beloved map again. Now, due to the lack of the Verdansk map, some players have been experimenting to gain access to the map unofficially. Undoubtedly, this action has annoyed Activision, so the developer has reacted quickly.

Activision may initiate actions a CoD dataminer

Yesterday, September 16, Activision sent a cease-and-desist letter warning CoD dataminer HeyImAlaix to abandon his plans to resurrect Verdansk. HeyImAlaix has revealed on its X/Twitter account that Activision may initiate legal action if it does not abandon its Verdansk plans. For its part, Activision has accused HeyImAlaix of reproducing and distributing cracked copies of MW2019.

In the cease letter sent to HeyImAlaix, Activision comments as follows:

“Alexis, it has come to our attention that you have been publishing and distributing a cracked version of MW2019.”

On the other hand, in Activision’s letter, the developer also comments:

“We also know you are connected with constructing a BOCW rift, which may have helped create a pirated game version.”

Now, this letter comes to HeyImAlaix after, in August, the dataminer commented on his social networks that he was working on being able to provide players with access to previous versions of Warzone. At that time, HeyImAlaix said that players could enjoy Verdansk again. Later, HeyImAlaix revealed a private Warzone lobby with the Verdansk map selected, which generated the attention of thousands of players who wished to play the iconic map again.

Misconduct by HeyImAlaix

It is important to note that this is not the first time Activision has contacted HeyImAlaix. The developer has contacted the dataminer on different occasions about issues related to unofficial versions of its games. For his part, HeyImAlaix has commented that this is the third time Activision has contacted him about “illegal conduct related to the franchise’s games.”

For its part, Activision has revealed that its cease-and-desist letter to HeyImAlaix was sent to “protect the CoD games.” On the other hand, part of the community believes that these offline versions do not harm the franchise’s games.

Recall that the 2023 release of Modern Warfare 3 is just around the corner, but it is unclear whether Activision has plans to include updates to Warzone, where Verdansk is included. However, some people speculate that Activision might include some versions of older maps in an update, which is why they have been cautious.