Activision may pay content creators to host CDL Championship watch parties

Activision may pay content creators to host CDL Championship watch parties

16. May 2023 by miranda angeles

According to information revealed by NICKMERCS, Activision will pay him to host a CDL Championship viewing party.

Currently, NICKMERCS joins the large list of content creators offering viewing parties for Call of Duty league matches. However, NICKMERCS apparently joins the list with a difference from the other creators.

Call of Duty league watch parties

Call of Duty league watch parties started very recently. Specifically, the first watch party was held at the CSL Major 2 in January.

Activision has since only allowed a small group of content creators to stream the matches on their Twitch channels. One of the first creators selected by Activision was Seth “Scump,” a former professional gamer who had just retired around the time the parties started. This coincidence marked a great opportunity for Scump and the league’s viewing numbers.

This fact was demonstrated by the first watch party hosted by Scump, which reached a peak audience of 95,000. However, things improved for Major 3 when the league peaked at 330,000 thanks to the main broadcast and some simulcasts. It is important to note that Major 3 represents the league’s most-watched competition since its inception.

Simply put, it can be said that the CDL watch parties have generated a very strong boost in the audience following the league. So now, Activision has teamed up with another major content creator to host a watch party for its biggest event of 2023.

NICKMERCS joins the list of CDL watch party organizers

NICKMERCS has returned to Warzone 2 and MW2 after spending much of his life dedicated to professional Apex Legends. In addition, he returns in style by receiving an operator skin in Activision’s title.

NICKMERCS returns to the Call of Duty world to host watch parties. However, he revealed that Activision paid him to host the party.

As we discussed earlier, viewing parties a few months ago are being organized. However, this is the first time any content creator has claimed that Activision is paying him to stream a tournament.

NICKMERCS has commented that Activision pays him to organize a watch party. On the other hand, NICKMERCS acknowledged that he is part of FaZe Clan and said he hopes the team has an excellent run through the league and makes it to the finals. He also mentioned that he hopes that 100 Thieves does not do so; let’s remember that previously NICKMERCS supported the team, but after discussing with the organization’s owner, he stopped supporting them.

On the other hand, all Call of Duty league fans will be able to enjoy the championship on the weekend of June 15-18.