Accusations of Matchfixing against Taiga in OG: A Summary

Accusations of Matchfixing against Taiga in OG: A Summary

9. April 2024 by Never

A Dota 2 investigator, Morf, has published a 30-minute video accusing Taiga, a Norwegian player, of being involved in matchfixing while in OG.

Background and Revelations

  • Taiga announced in October 2023 that he would take a break from competitive play due to his gambling addiction.
  • According to Morf, Taiga fell into a gambling addiction and got involved with the 322 mafia, specifically with Sensibility, who was Taiga’s betting partner and also a player banned for 322 in 2021.

  • Sensibility and Taiga used a method called “Bets for Information” to fix matches, focusing on specific aspects such as first blood rather than final outcomes.
  • Taiga was forced to continue fixing matches even after his break for mental health reasons.

OG’s Statement and Community Reactions

  • OG issued a statement claiming to have investigated the rumors in 2023 and to have benched Taiga due to a lack of solid evidence.

  • The Dota 2 community is shocked and disappointed by the accusations against Taiga, a highly respected player in the scene.
  • Some players, like RAMZES, have commented on the issue, confirming stories about money lending during the Major in Berlin.

Community Awaits Clarity: Dota 2’s Taiga Matchfixing Allegations

  • Although OG has maintained neutrality, the community is awaiting decisions from Valve and other tournament organizers regarding Taiga’s case.
  • The situation has caused a great deal of upheaval and concern in the Dota 2 community, which is expecting a fair and transparent resolution.

In summary, the accusations of matchfixing against Taiga have shaken the Dota 2 community, and now authorities are expected to take appropriate action to address this issue and restore competitive integrity to the scene.