AC Milan Footballer Simon Kjær Launches WOPA Esport: A New Counter-Strike Team

AC Milan Footballer Simon Kjær Launches WOPA Esport: A New Counter-Strike Team

16. April 2024 by Never

Simon Kjær, a football player for AC Milan and captain of the Danish national men’s team, has ventured into the world of esports by founding his own Counter-Strike team called WOPA Esport.

Introducing WOPA Esport

Kjær announced his new investment today through his X account, revealing the creation of an esports organization with a Counter-Strike roster. The team will be known as WOPA Esport and will feature five young Danish players making their debut in the online local league Ligaen Season 26.

Embracing Esports

Kjær’s investment follows a trend of famous footballers joining the esports scene in recent years. Notable names include David Beckham (Guild Esports), Sergio Agüero and Lionel Messi (KRÜ Esports), Casemiro (CASE Esports), and Gerard Piqué (KOI). However, WOPA seems to be more of a grassroots project, as it has not signed any high-profile CS:GO players.

WOPA Esport Roster: Young Talent

The CS:GO players in WOPA Esport include:

  • Christian “Vster” Vestergaard (22 years old)
  • Lucas “Gnøffe” Brunsvig (21 years old)
  • Benjamín “brzer” Jensen (22 years old)
  • Thomas “LUMSEN” Søhus Larsen (21 years old)
  • Jamie Bugge “leakz” West Jensen (21 years old)

Andreas “addi” Wallenberg

The young quintet will be coached by the Swedish coach Andreas “addi” Wallenberg, a former professional CS:GO player who transitioned into coaching in December 2021.

Fostering Talent

Kjær expressed his passion for Counter-Strike and his desire to help young people find and nurture their own passions. While WOPA Esport currently only has a male team, Kjær has hinted at the possibility of forming a female team in the future.

Building a Community

WOPA’s vision for esports includes promoting a healthy and professional approach, fostering a non-toxic community, and providing a space for everyone, with a focus on developing Danish talent. Ligaen Season 26

Although most of the players already played together in CEPTER BITSKINS, they will make their debut under the WOPA banner on April 16. Their first match will be in Ligaen Season 26, which has a prize pool of approximately $11,500.

A New Chapter in Esports

As WOPA Esport embarks on its journey in the competitive esports scene, it aims to make its mark in Counter-Strike and contribute to the growth and development of Danish esports talent.