A streamer in three CS:GO boxes gets two very special knives

A streamer in three CS:GO boxes gets two very special knives

14. May 2023 by miranda angeles

Recently, a CS:GO streamer had all the luck in the world, as he got two special knives by opening three boxes. One of the knives is worth approximately $20k.

A streamer in three CS:GO boxes gets two very special knives

A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player has tried his luck, opened three boxes of the game, and got two extremely special and rare knives.

Celeryy0 has been the lucky guy who has beaten many odds and got two boxes with significant prizes. The streamer got the following items:

  • A Marble Fade hunter’s knife
  • A Sapphire Butterfly knife

The two knives are rare, and the probability of getting them is very low. However, the Sapphire butterfly knife is much more special than the other knife, as its price currently exceeds $20k.

Nevertheless, this situation has been rare as Celeryy0 announced in advance that he would get the knife.

Celeryy0 gets live a Sapphire butterfly knife

As mentioned above, Celeryy0 got two knives with a very low probability of appearing. When opening the first box, the streamer got the Marble Fade hunter knife, which is not a very common item in the game. However, Celeryy0 was not completely satisfied and wanted to get another valuable item.

In the broadcast, you can hear how his companions are surprised by the hunter’s knife found by Celeryy0, which is very good. But that was not what he wanted to get. Celeryy0 comments that he wants a Sapphire Butterfly Knife.

And apparently, the power of the manifestation is real, and he has surprised everyone by getting the object he so desired.

Celeryy0 then opens a second box but doesn’t get any unusual objects, so he opens a third box and continues trying his luck. It turns out that the precious Sapphire butterfly knife in this third box appears that the streamer wanted so much. It is somewhat surprising that the streamer got this Sapphire butterfly knife with a market price of over $20k.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the probability of getting this item in one of the boxes is 0.0000000439%, an extremely low probability. In other words, a Marble Fade Huntsman knife comes in 1 box out of 13,500, while the Sapphire butterfly knife appears in 1 box out of 135,000.

This really is a lucky guy, and the best part is that the streamer mentioned which knife he wanted to get, and he got it. Celeryy0 asked for the knife as if he was in a store, and the box gave it to him immediately, which amazed the streamer and all his friends.

After opening the three boxes, this streamer has very valuable and rare knives in his collection.