A Sincere Message from Pure to Tundra Fans

A Sincere Message from Pure to Tundra Fans

1. May 2024 by Never

Dear Tundra Esports Supporters,

I wanted to take a moment to reach out to all of you, our incredible fans, following our journey at ESL One Birmingham 2024. It has been a challenging and exhilarating ride, filled with ups and downs, but throughout it all, your unwavering support has meant the world to us.

Overcoming Obstacles

This tournament marked a significant milestone for our team. As a relatively new lineup, this was our first LAN event together as a cohesive unit. We’ve also recently made changes to our main roster, which brought its own set of adjustments and challenges. Despite these obstacles, I believe we put up a commendable performance.

Facing Tough Battles

The matches against Team Falcons in the lower bracket final were tough. We gave it our all, but ultimately, they proved to be the stronger team on that day. It’s never easy to accept defeat, especially when you’re striving to make your mark in the competitive scene.

Thank you once again for standing by us. Together, we will rise stronger.

Warm regards,

Ivan “Pure” Moskalenko
Tundra Esports

Gratitude to Our Supporters

I want to express my deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who supported us throughout this journey. Your encouragement and passion are what drive us forward. Even when the outcome isn’t what we hoped for, knowing that we have such dedicated fans behind us is truly uplifting.

Looking Ahead

We will take this experience as a valuable lesson and continue to grow and improve as a team. The road ahead may have its challenges, but with your continued support, we are determined to push forward and strive for greater achievements.

Looking Ahead: Our Commitment to Improvement and Excellence in Gaming

As we reflect on our performance, we are already planning our next steps. Strengthening our strategies, refining our teamwork, and staying focused will be key areas of focus moving forward. We appreciate any constructive feedback and suggestions from our fans as we aim to elevate our game.