A new VALORANT agent discovered by fans of the game?

A new VALORANT agent discovered by fans of the game?

24. April 2023 by miranda angeles

The community of VALORANT fans is anxious to receive the agent that will come to the shooter after Gekko. So in the last few days, they have delved into any information and, in turn, have created a possible theory of what the new agent of the game will look like.

After discovering a player card named “Death Trap,” many VALORANT players thought it was a hint about the next agent. Moreover, they may have already identified some of the new agent’s abilities.

The new VALORANT agent

Apparently, the new player card has provided all the fans with valuable information to conclude the new agent. Many think it is an agent who will fulfill the sentry role.

After knowing the card, Reddit users have not stopped speculating and giving their opinion of the new agent. Fans’ ideas are so many that they have provided extensive backstories and skills. But that’s not all; they have created a possible network of connections with the other agents in the game.

Possible New Agent Teaser: Player Card „Death Trap“
byu/gift-from-the-sun inVALORANT

Death Trap

Thanks to the Death Trap card, many fans have concluded that it is an about lethal talent to capture their enemies. They claim that this may be so since other Sentinels like Gekko and Harbor have cards where their talents are hinted; moreover, almost all Sentinels have deployable elements.

So, according to fan speculation, the new agent could have a web with which he can capture his enemies and hold them. This way, help can reach his teammates. This theory makes quite a bit of sense with the player card that has been revealed.

But that’s not all the community has said; others add that it may be an agent capable of digging a well. Thus his enemies fall into the well for a long time.

In any case, the community of VALORANT fans will be happy with the abilities of the new agent as long as it does not impose itself on all the characters. That is to say that the skills are balanced with the other agents already in the game.

No player would want a repeat of the case of the Chamber agent, where it took a few months for the player to be nerfed until he was forgotten. Consequently, the competitive scene underwent massive changes, where single-player picks were ruined.

Unfortunately, none of these theories have been confirmed; all details surrounding the new agent are a complete mystery. So, for now, we can only wait and see if all the community’s opinion is correct or if the game developers have other things in store for this new VALORANT agent.